YHC welcomed everyone to F3 and fumbled through the formalities, 5 core principles, what F3 stands for so on so forth. This was my first time at the Octagon so getting a lay of the land was crucial. IceT assisted and calmed all fears. 


Mosey to back lot

15 SSH

15 Tappy Taps

10 Sun Gods ea direction

10 sec ea side deep lunge stretch with rotation 

15 IC massive mountain climbers

10 mercans 

Mosey back to front lot

The Thang: 3 stations Dispersed evenly around the track. PAX numbered off accordingly into 3 groups. Group 1 Started at the Burpees once complete they ran by way of track to push group 2 then they pushed group 3.  This was repeated for 3 cycles until all groups worked exercises. Each revolution was a different movement starting with A -> B -> C only thing that stayed consistent was the burpees. 

Station 1 Push station

10 Burpees

Station 2 Amrap until pushed

A Rev Lunge

B Monkey Humpers

C Air Squats

Station 3 amrap until pushed

A Mercans

B Carolina Dry Docs

C Diamond Mercans

At 5:55 First Omaha


10 mercans

10 sec plank hold

10 mercans

10 sec side plank hold

10 sec other side plank hold

10 amazing spider mans

10 other side amazing spider man

10 mercans


Heels to heaven

Box Cutters

Dying cockroaches

American hammers

Prayers and Announcements

4 year anniversary convergence at the canyon april 29

CoT: This is my least favorite part of the year, the transition between winter to spring. What does this transition really look like in the environment and how does it correlate to us as individuals and us as men trying to be HIM. It is a time for the weather/season to change and for us to rinse away the dirt, salt, grime built up over the winter. It is a time for us to evaluate what we have been holding onto that has been holding us back as men from the men we could be. What has been causing us drag and slowing us down, not allowing us to accelerate properly.  It is necessary for us to acknowledge and shed the buildup and bad habits. However painful it may be in order to grow and be better tomorrow than we are today! Run toward the pain.


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