Halleck Park April 2, 2022 The Pit AO

F3 Stands for Fellowship, fitness and faith

5 core principles. -Held outdoors -Lead in a rotating fashion -Open to all men -its Free. -Ends in a circle of trust

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

I am not a professional so modify as needed

Warm -a- Rama

– Tappy Taps x 15 IC

– moroccan night club x 15 IC

– side straddle hops x 20 IC (last 10 were silent count) PAX didn’t stop on 20. So 10 burpees was the penalty.

– Big ones x 15 IC

1)Pre-Thing (individual) FAST

Individual – Go fast

50 Hand release Merkins

50 bonnie Blairs

50 T- Merkins

–Run around the POND after finishing each one

Plank Shoulder taps to THE SIX

3) The Thing 2 (Mary)

Answering questions while working!

Flutter Kicks (head up) —– Favorite Candy Bar?

VolksVagans —– Where were you born (City and State)?

Gas Pumpers —— Vacation Destination, Your job title, fav. Sport to play

Sarpy Slammers—— Favorite drink to order at a bar?

Plank Shoulder taps —— Tell a quick story about yourself?

Indian Run – 2 groups to the football field (RACE)

-Guys race up to the front does 4 burpees, once he starts the next guys runs up. End next to the goal post.

-AMRAP Air-squat to the SIX

(We actually just ran to the football field instead. )

2) The Thing 3 (Pair up) Goal Post to Goal Post

PARTNER CARRY 100 Yards —— Switch coming back

Both Lung walk 100 yards ——- Sprint BACK


Partner Wheel Barrel 100 yards ——- Switch coming back

Plank Shoulder taps to THE SIX

Run back to the Shovel Flags


COT: How heavy is this coupon?  40 lbs.  Hold it over your head?

Now go ahead and put it them down.  

What would happen if I held it for an hour?   A day?   A Year?

After an Hour my arms would shake!

After a Day My arms, legs and back will become paralyzed stiff, I may drop it, could hurt myself.

The weight of the Coupon doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it the heavier it becomes. 
Stress and the worries of life are like this also.  You pick up stuff all the time and for most of us we sometimes don’t let it go.

If you think about them for a little while its no big deal, but if you think about it for a longer time it starts to hurt. Always remember to put the glass down.

Fun Dip

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