Date: Tuesday, April 5, 2022

AO: The Colosseum

Weather: Slightly windy and around 40 degrees

PAX (20): Q-Tip (Respect x2, Tin Cup, Unicycle, Oompa, Edison, Betamax, Bloodshot, Paramount, Tenderfoot, Splinter, Swinger, Cosmo, Ice T, Super Tasty, Honey Maid, Black Lung, Stella, Lansbury, Hot Dog, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: We had 7 pre-runners and a lone pre-rucker, and a whole mess of guys piling in before the start of the beatdown. It was a pleasant morning weather-wise, which could only mean the day would get even better with an F3 workout. As the clock struck 5:30, I greeted the PAX with a rather rough voice. I lost my voice yesterday and haven’t quite recovered from it, so this would show how well prepared I was to communicate the workout so everyone would understand, and hopefully I wouldn’t completely lose it again. I mentioned the voice thing and said that throughout the workout parts of my COT would play on the speaker so I wouldn’t need to talk too much at the end. We didn’t have any new guys. I ran through the core principles, and emphasized the disclaimer to include further pushing of one’s self for more reps and good form. Be disciplined where it counts. We weaved on through the gate and took a warmup lap before circling up around the speaker on the 50 yard line.

Warmarama: My speaker wasn’t wanting to connect to my phone as we began circling up, so I needed time to think this through. We got on hands and knees for a little yoga work. Starting off with the Pigeon pose for a time, then switching legs. This gave me a chance to turn off the speaker, and reconnect the bluetooth. Boom, it worked! We eased in some soft sounds adequate for some yoga, and switched positions to our 6 with legs out in a figure 4 and folding over to reach towards our toes. This is a great hamstring stretch. We switched legs, and the next song had a faster tempo. We moved onto Mountain Climbers, 25 IC, then on to Red Bull Smurph Jacks for 20 IC, then rolled into some no count Moroccan Night Clubs with a little dance. As the song wrapped up, it was time to move into the prethang.

PreThang: Flower Merkins. Perform Merkins to the song “Flower” by Moby. Bring Sally up you are in high plank, Bring Sally down, you drop to keep you chest about 2 inches off the ground. The song is only 3 minutes. Chest and Arms were officially smoked after this. We then counted off into 3’s for the Thang.

Thang: 3 Man Disciplined Dora w/ Stairs: Each group of 3 would have 1 man start at the gate beneath the bleachers, he would run around a light at the near has mark on the field, then push man #2 who is at the bottom of the bleachers. Man 2 starts off performing a cumulative reps exercise, then runs up the seats to relieve man #3. Man 3 starts with another cumulative reps exercise until pushed, then runs down the stairs, around the light, and back to the bottom of the bleachers. Exercises at the bottom of the bleachers were: 200 Dips and 300 Monkey Humpers. Exercises at the top of the bleachers were: 200 incline Merkins on the rail, and 300 Ass to Grass (ATG) Squats. You really gotta be disciplined with these squats. Go as low as possible. While this routine played out, there was a mix of music, Jocko Willink, and Joe Rogan playing to help motivate the group and really emphasize the importance of the theme today, Discipline. At 6am Omaha was called for everyone to mosey on back to the 50 yard line for 6MOM.

6MOM: I really wanted to do a full 6 minutes of Mary, but sadly, my abs were dying and you know the saying, If you can’t do it, don’t Q it. We started with a chilcut 5 count IC exercise with a reach one arm out, reach the other out, bring a knee up, then the other knee up. If I recall, we got to 10 or 12 of these. Then we did a slow Heels to Heaven with a crunch, and completed another 10 to maybe 15 of these. Then flutter kicks, then Freddie Mercury’s, then wrapped it up with Rancid style Hammers.

Closing: We had announcements for the 4 Year Anniversary convergence on 4/23, The Brick Builder on 5/21, lots of shovel flag passes coming up, and T-Claps for the queenservice dudes. We had prayer requests for Unicycle’s mother Pam, for Swinger’s sister Sally, for Lansbury’s nephew Ethan, for the families of the ladies from Gretna that were killed the other night, and for thanks that Paisley has been recovering quickly and the inspiration she can bring by quickly bouncing back from her procedure.

COT: The theme for the workout was Discipline, but not because I just felt like it. Discipline is a word that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’m currently doing the 75 Hard challenge, which requires a ton of discipline in order to successfully complete it. I’m thankful for Toto for talking me into doing the challenge, and for the other guys that have jumped on board with it and been a great resource and support through it, especially in the beginning. The beginning of the challenge was tough, but over time, it’s gotten easier. The continued discipline have made the activities easier to complete, and less of a burden. As I’ve progressed through and seen how this has benefitted me, I figured I’d start to add more things to the list for the challenge, to continue exercising discipline, and to eventually make those things easier. I don’t ever talk about my Jesters, but one day, I saw a Tweet that said “If you don’t have sexual discipline, you don’t have discipline.” This resonated with me, and really emphasized the word discipline. After seeing that and thinking about it, it’s become a daily exercise in discipline. I also listened to Jocko’s audiobook “Extreme Ownership” where he states the Discipline = Freedom. Adding structure and practicing discipline can seem like a burden on the surface, but in most cases, building out a structure, being organized, and practicing little disciplines daily can actually make you more efficient and open up opportunities for more of the things you love in life. I need this, so I’m trying to be more intentional with my daily disciplines. The gloom is a place where I’m reminded of this. Early in my time with F3, I wasn’t that fit and struggled to complete all of the reps, and would lack good form. I’d drop my feet during hammers, then I’d see someone else cranking them out with near perfect form. It would motivate me to push through the pain and fatigue and lift my feet again and try to finish with better form. I wear a hat most days at workouts that says “DO THE FKN WORK”. I love it as a reminder to myself to push through, use good form, don’t skip reps, and don’t cut corners. The Gloom is the perfect place for us to not only practice leadership when Qing, but also to practice discipline by striving to do all of the exercises, all of the reps, using proper form, etc. There is no recourse for poor form, or miss counting reps. This is a safe space for that. Modify as needed, but also practice discipline to help you get to a point where the exercises are easy enough that you can complete them all the way they were intended.

I didn’t lose my voice, and rambled much more in my COT than planned, but also had a great time leading this morning, and truly appreciate all of the great men of F3Omaha for continuing to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Much Love!

Hard Hat

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