Queenservice wrapup beatdown today, so we are going to sweat any remaining water weight off today.   

22 Pax in Attendance:  LPC, Cataracts, Doppler, UHaul, Biff, Toto, House Party, Al Borland, Sister Act, Skipper, Bubbles, Chucky, Oompa, Barber Shop, Wentworth, Mulligan, HoneyMaid, PantyHose, Superfly, Nailed It, Gump, and YHC Kill Switch. 

Warmup on the move during the path to the hill next to the field 

Lunge walks while I describe the pre-thang 

Then Mario jumps until we got to the triple nickel area 


Triple nickel 

5 merkins at the bottom 

Bernie Sanders up the hill 

5 Bobby hurleys at the top 

Jog down 

Repeat x5 

Next, we went to the football field and track for the Thang! 

Grab a partner that will be your accountabilibuddy for the workout.  Today’s going to be 2 man grinder stations.  Grab your bro and pick a grinder station, combine reps of the exercise to 168, then go to the next one in the rotation. 

Grinder 1  

At the bleachers 

A: Dips  

B: running across the field and back 

Grinder 2 

At the east end zone 

A: Merkins  

B: duck walk to the track and back 

Grinder 3 

North side of the field 

A: Big boy sit ups  

B: broad jumping across the track and back 

Grinder 4 

West siyyyyyde of the field 

A: Squat Jumps  

B: bear crawls to the other cone and back 

Called Omaha at 5:50 


American Hammers, Rancid Style 

1 quick round of the grand ole duke of york for Toto. 


First Friday lunch 

Convergence 4-23 @ canyon 

May 21 brick builder 

Poker tourney at je dunn building Saturday Night 


Last day of queenservice y’all.today marks the last day of the skirmish, but just a foot note in the war.  An ounce in the bucket. 

If you’re my age, these 12 weeks represent on average 1/168th of the rest of my life.   

This speaks to one of the greater truths in life.  Strategy guides tactics, which guide operation.  In this case, strategy is who we are trying to be next year, a thinner, more fit person, moving closer to getting right.  The tactic is the act of joining queen service and creating your plan.  the operation is actually following your plan. 

Operation must be carried out to support your tactics and your tactics must support your strategy.   

If you eat poorly, your not operating to support your tactic. 

If your tactic is to dehydrate yourself in the last week to make the scale look better, did that action support your strategy?  Probably not.   

The Thang in this beatdown was grinders because dieting is a grind.  You get encouragement from your brothers but they are likely not going to be behind you slapping the abelardos chorizo burrito out of your hand.  You only see them in passing and if you’re lucky you get an hour with your accountabilibuddy every two weeks, but… You check in with them.  “What rep are you on”, “I’m with you”, “you got this, stay with it”.   

These are the positive operators supporting your tactics, but the strategy and vision needs to come from you. 

LPC took us out in prayer

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