AO: The Brickyard / Stinson Park / 41 Degrees / Cool

PAX (15): Safe Ride, Bloodshot, Vanilla Ice, Stella!, Ozark (respect), Gunner, Chiclets (respect), Ice-T, Black Jack, Cheap Seats, Lansbury, Beat Max, Tenderfoot, Polaroid, and..

QIC: Huffy? Nope, he’s at The Armory.

PAX: I thought Gator was supposed to be there?

QIC: Nope, he’s on the Q here.

PAX: What’s on the Q here?

QIC: No, “What’s” not a PAX member in F3.

PAX: Please. Stop.

April Fool’s!

Although Ozark wasn’t laundering any money today, he still made for a great partner in crime. We arrived at Stinson Park at 5:15AM. We set out some coupons, cones, and clipboards. Then we went for a short, clandestine run. We returned to see a group of PAX gathered at 5:27AM. Safe Ride’s head was on a swivel as he was trying to make sense of how Huffy would set up for a Q, but not be there as the clock drew closer to beatdown time. Stella gave me a wink with his greeting… (mums the word!)

At 5:30AM, Safe Ride stepped into the circle to announce that with Huffy a no-show, he would step up to lead! What a HIM – T-Claps, Safe Ride! But it was time to say “April Fool’s” and allow myself to introduce… myself. Fortunately, this crowd had a great sense of humor!

We hit the F3 introductory remarks and then went right into:


SSH x 15IC

Tappy Taps x15IC

Sun Gods x20IC (forward/reverse)

What’s Updog?

What’s going downdog?

Pigeon (R&L)

Then it was time for April Fool’s Day Trivia! Questions would be about actual April Fool’s Day pranks. In other words, real fake things.

Q#1: April 1st 1996: Which fast food company pulled an April Fool’s day prank when it announced it was buying the Liberty Bell and renaming it?

I could not even finish the question before our very own Lansbury had solved the mystery and correctly responded:

A: Taco Bell.

No Burpees. Bobby Hurleys x 7

The Pre-Thang: “Chain of Fools

We all lined up facing north with each PAX displaying a coupon at his feet. We would do three merkins on each coupon (Right hand elevated; Both hands elevated; Left hand elevated) and then move to the right while staying in plank. When a PAX reached the end of the chain, you run to the back and keep going until the anchor PAX (played by Ice-T) completed the chain. While this was much more difficult than the Q had anticipated, it was rather enjoyable to see all of the custom coupons on display in a merkin-filled art gallery of sorts…

Q#2: April 1, 1992: An actor pretending to be which former president announced he would run again for the presidency?

Lots of guessing and, as Lansbury phrased it, “workshopping” the correct answer. But it was Safe Ride that saved us from Burpees with the correct answer:

A: Richard Nixon

Bobby Hurley’s x 7

Tha Thang: The Longest Farmer’s Carry Grinder in the History of F3 Omaha

3 Man Grinder. One Pax does AMRAP exercises by the stage, one Pax does them by the obelisk, and the other farmer carries two coupons with a stop midway to do 5 Blockees (one or two coupons may be used for Blockees; Q recommends one coupon)

Stage Exercises:

AMRAP 2nd F style

Air Squats

Bonnie Blairs


Jump Squats

Monkey Humpers

Johnny Dramas

Obelisk Exercises:

AMRAP 2nd Fstyle


Carolina Drydocks

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Makhtar Ndiaye’s


Little Baby Dips

After a few rounds, it was revealed that the distance for the grinder would be cut in half. Another April Fool’s day prank? Maybe…

Omaha was thankfully called and it was time for our next trivia question… But given Lansbury’s high fast food IQ, it was decided there would be a trivia audible:

Q#3: Which fast food company advertised they were now serving left-handed burgers?

In consultation with Lansbury, Cheap Seats stated the correct answer:

A: Burger King

Bobby Hurleys x 7


Cheap Seats says the following should be called “The Six-Minute Core Steinel

Beast Mode x 30 seconds

Alternating Knee Taps x 20 IC

Plank 30 seconds

Gator Spears x 20 IC (R&L)

Chilcut x 30

Gator Tails x 20 IC

Count Off: 14 PAX, 1 foolish QIC

Name-o-Rama: Got to start with the HIM himself: Safe Ride!


4/23/2022: The Canyon. Convergence. 4 years. More Detials to follow. Be there, or be square.

5/21/2022: Brick Builder. More Details to follow. Be there, or be square.

Only Silent Prayer Requests

COT: That time we put a possum in a sack

I told a story about my favorite April Fool’s Day prank. My friends and I caught a opossum and put it in a sack. (yes, I’m from North Florida. This is what we do. They make good drinking buddies)

We attached the sack to the door of a buddy’s house that went home early because he had to work in the morning. We went to sleep like kids on Christmas Eve and couldn’t wait till our phones blew up with stories of opossumness awesomeness. But nothing happened. We called our buddy to fish for news. He was – playing opossum I suppose. No mention of the prank at all! Then, at the very end of the call he says, “Whatever animal you guys attached to my door chewed his way out of that sack.”

The PAX at Brickyard today collectively had an equally gracious sense of humor as our buddy. Laughter makes life better. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Remember to laugh. Most importantly, remember to laugh at yourself!

Special Note: To the PAX that drove past many a great AO, or resisted the urge to fart sack, and posted at The Armory: Thank you. And I’m sorry. If I wake up and find an animal in a sack tied to my front door, I will know that such a thing was well deserved. And I will laugh hysterically.

With Gratitude,


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