Paradise Backblast 3/30/22
Weather = 40 degrees, wind out of the NW at 20 mph with 25 mph gusts.

PAX – (21) Gunner, Dirty Bird, Ice T, Side Dish, Toto, Red Ranger, Skipper, Slow Pitch, Club Car, Black Jack, Black Lung, Vandelay, Sparty, FDIC, Saul, Brazilian, Frosty, Grease Fire, Blue Chip, Stella, Icy Hot, Dome
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I arrived at 4:50 am to survey the area. As I drove down Regency Parkway I saw several PAX pre-running. I drove the route I planned to lead us on that day including by Regency park. The wind led to a small adjustment in the planned route. The time in the morning before we start is always special to me.

We commenced at 5:15 am sharp with the F3 5 core principles, motto, mission statement and disclaimer. No FNGs were present. Despite the large number of pre-runners I could feel the group was ready to go.
We then proceeded to Mosey south along Regency Parkway to the NuFemme Rejuvenation Clinic for Warm-A- Rama.

Tappy taps
Big Ones
Down Dog
Between the strong Northwest wind and mumble chatter it was difficult for the Q to hear himself counting.

Our journey continued to the east then south along Regency Lake. We stopped on the south side and completed:
25 Merkins
25 Air squats

Around the lake to the east we went. Along the way Sparty and I had a good chat were I learned that JC was also on the pre-run but had to leave early. At the bottom of Harney Parkway we completed:
25 Merkins 25 Air squats

We proceeded up Harney Parkway at a brisk pace. At the top of the hill we stopped at completed:
25 Merkins
30 second straight arm plank 30 second chilcut plank
30 second down dog
25 Air squats

The Pax began to anticipate a smooth stroll back the shovel flags, but no….as we had made such good time, the Q deemed it appropriate to continue our journey counter clock wise around Regency Park. There were a few mumbles of joy after hearing this.
After completing the loop around Harney Park and then down to the base of Westchester Dr. I enjoyed the run down the hill with Frosty, Blue Chip and Grease Fire.

To round things out we completed: 25 Merkins
25 Air squats
We returned to the shovel flags in strong fashion and finished with 30 seconds of down dog and American Hammers.

First Friday lunch
Convergence 4/23/22
Brick Builder 5/21/22
T Claps to Grease Fire, Blue Chip and Frosty on 4 weeks of Paradise.
Prayer requests:
Smashmouth’s mom and sister FDIC’s family
Sparty’s friends Jill and Steve

In the last couple weeks, I have done several performance reviews with my staff. After I was nearly finished with my first one, I realized I had not thanked him for all he had done over the course of the last year. We don’t say thank you enough to those around us. One year ago today was my VQ. I would like to thank Stella for having me that day, Icy Hot for having me today and all of you for being here. Make sure you thank those around you.
Thank you Icy Hot, it was an honor to lead today! Retweet

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