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Date: 03/18/2022

Weather: 44 Degrees with periods of rain

PAX that participated (19): The Plague, Tonight Show, Blades of Glory, Vlasic (Respect), Tea Party, Lincoln Log(Respect, Respect), Slow Clap(Respect), Fine Print(No Respect), Obi wan, Barn Door, Nelly, Mr. Miyagi, Gator, Griswold, Mufasa

Posted my Pre Blast with the intentions of doing a string of pearls which included more running than I usually would do but when the morning came and it was raining, I called somewhat of an audible.  Even though one of the 5 core principles of F3 is, always held outdoors, rain or shine, that doesn’t matter, I hate the rain.  

Anyway, arrived at the Armory and planted my flag and waited for everyone to gather.  Walked over to the Little Free library and noticed there was a book that wrote about “You can do it by yourself.”  Which I thought was ironic based on my workout.   

PAX gathered and Introduced myself, welcomed everyone and stated the 5 core principles and later the disclaimer!

Mosey’d to the west towards the gravel/dirt hill and circled up for 20 IC Sun Gods

Mosey’d back to the entrance of the parking lot, 18 IC Overhead Claps

Mosey’d to the east parking lot-18 IC Seal Claps

Mosey’d back to the main parking lot where the little Free Library is- 18 IC Tappy Taps.

Mentioned the book to the PAX and told them it was somewhat BS.  (My apologies to the author.)  I explained I would talk about this more throughout our beatdown.  

Mosey’d to the picnic covered area to stay out of the rain.  

The Thang was designed to cement my COT message.  I requested the help of the PAX with their suggestions for exercises.  Disclaimer, this was not because of the 2 other beatdowns I Q’d earlier that week like some of the PAX chattered in which they said I ran out of ideas.  That was actual hurtful.  I requested each HIM I called on to write down their name, their choice of exercise and a positive or encouraging word or statement.  Each exercise was 60 reps!

Lincoln Log-Dips- BECAUSE!   




Vlasic-Monkey Humpers (Vlasic immediately thought of this when I explained the THANG.  But when I said each exercise would be 60 reps, he thought of changing it.  Unfortunately, he continued with his initial thought.  I said he could change it, but he said he doesn’t change his mind…. we wished he did)-YOU’RE ALL GREAT!

Gator-Calf Johnny Dramas-SHOOT FOR THE MOON, IF YOU MISS, THEN YOU STILL LAND AMONGST THE STARS (I don’t read hieroglyphics,so I had to text Gator to ask what the heck he wrote.  I was worried about Blades’ handwriting but our Lawyer buddy, Gator, WOW!!!  Gator’s handwriting is horrendous)

Griswold-American Hammers-GRATITUDE!

Blades of Glory-a very creative one, Hang from the Rafters in the Picnic area for 60 seconds.  In the last 10 seconds or so, do pull ups.  (I couldn’t Hang for that long!) – JOY OVER HAPPYNESS

AND the one person no one wanted me to call on-

The Plague-Groiners, we all Thanked God he didn’t say Burpees-YOUR MIND IS NOT A GOOD OFFICE

Called Omaha and Mosey’d back to the shovel flags.

Name a Rama

Asked for Announcements and Prayers

My COT was based on my Mom.  60 years ago on 3/18/1962, my Mom immigrated to America from Ireland. She was 20 years old.  She worked as a nanny for a terrible family in New York.  She hated it.  The family was mean to her, and they didn’t respect her.  She wanted so badly to quit and move back to Ireland.  However due to her family and friends she was making here in America, they encouraged her to stay.  I talked about that book in the Little Free library and how it was ironic it was the first book I saw when I looked through that door, that morning.  Based on that cover, if my mom did listen to herself and only herself, she would have moved back to Ireland and yours truly would most likely not be writing this Backblast 2 weeks later!  We all need encouragement and a push.  We all know someone that needs encouragement and a push.  I stated there are people right now in your life that need to hear from you and I said there are people within this group right now that need to hear from you. SO,keep pushing and be annoying like Gator did to get me to post this backblast.  Thank you, Buddy.  I needed this push!  

Plague prayed us out

SYITG! – Mufasa

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