Friday, March 4 | The Armory | Ta-Ha-Zouka Park | 20’s

PAX (18): Mr. Miyagi, Band Camp, Slow Clap (Respect), Gator, Wait Time (Respect), Low 5, Sweet Sweet, Barndoor, Rollbar, Ozark (Respect), Nelly, Tee-Ball, Fine Print (No-Respect), Bladez of Glory, Mufasa, Kamper (FNG), Lincoln Logs (Respect, Respect), Sparty

QIC: Sparty

This was a special day as Creighton was set to open up their first home game of the season and honor our brother, Nugent. Additionally, we were able to finally get one of Nugent’s childhood best friends to post after I had EH’d him for a solid 2 years. It was colder than anticipated, but that was alright as the men were on going to be on the move all morning. I called on the PAX to bring Coupons as I had something terrible planned for the day, and we ended up with more than enough. As 5:30am approached, YHC level of excitement was growing.

The clock struck 5:30 and I welcomed everyone to F3, then announced our FNG “Adam” was joining us today. We also had Low 5 back in town so there was a lot of energy this morning. I then took the PAX through our mission statement and 5 Core Principles. It was time to get moving, so we took off on a nice long mosey as we got on the sidewalk and headed west for a bit until we got to the dirt road that heads up towards the baseball field. We mosey’d up the hill and found a spot to circle up. As we arrived and waited for the 6, I quickly realized that our Site-Q was still recovering from a leg injury and couldn’t run. I felt like an idiot.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Son Gods 10 IC F/R
  • Big Ones 10 IC
  • ATMs – Alternating Shoulder Taps 15, Tempo Merkins 15, Merkins 15

At the conclusion of the warm-up, we had a long mosey back to the tank. As we arrived, I quickly talked through the running route of the workout to go around the parking lot, then had the men pick up a coupon and follow me across the bridge to the field where I had a cone waiting for us in the corner of the soccer field.

The Thang:

  • There were two stations and everyone was encouraged to partner up with someone. Coupon station on the soccer field had 4 exercises on it. After completing an exercise, you would mosey west around the goal then head towards the bridge. Before you crossed the bridge, you would perform 5 burpees – you would also perform 5 burpees when you went back across the bridge at this same location. Then you would head across and around the parking lot before you arrived at the tank to perform 20 Chuck Norris Merkins
    • Coupon Station – Shoulder Presses, Thrusters, Squats, Curls

I did a poor job explaining this as Rollbar and I teamed up and started at the Tank. I quickly noticed as we ran across the bridge that there was a large group of men still at the coupon station. What I forgot to mention was that you only complete one exercise at a time, then run. They were going down the list and complaining the whole time. I yelled to them to correct my mistake and heard several “ohhhh!’s” This was a true grind and a workout I’ve had in mind for a long time. At 6:08, “Omaha” was called and we made our way back to the Tank. We circled up for some quick Mary.


  • Gas Pumpers 15 IC
  • Heel Touches 15 IC
  • American Hammers 15 IC

Name-o-rama: There were giggles, lot of wind, lot of Respect, Blades got caught up from the mean people to Fine Print

Announcements: Jays game honoring Nugent, 4x4x48 was starting later tonight.

Prayers: Lot of prayers today (I’m writing this a month late and forgot what they were. That’s my bad.)

COT: Earlier this week I Q’d at the Mess Hall and I shared that I was feeling overwhelmed with so much going on in my life as I have committed to too many things that are all happening at once. What this has resulted in is that my Jester has reared it’s ugly head again. For me, this is anger. I’ve taken this anger out on my M and 2.0 who are the ones I love the most and the ones that deserve this the least. It came to a head yesterday when I realized that I was so hard on one of my boys, that he said he wanted to quit playing baseball. It wasn’t because it was being forced on him, it was because I kept yelling at him. I’m very hard on him about his behavior and I need to remind myself that he is an 8-year old and they are going to be rambunctious at times. This has been weighing heavy on my lately and I felt I needed to get this off my chest. I need to be better and not let my Jester control me and my actions. Thank you for the opportunity to lead today, and for letting me share what’s on my heart today.

YHC took us out in prayer.



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