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Q: Z-bo

PAX: 12 – Z-bo (Q), Sawblade (Respect), Mother Goose, FDIC, Cradle, Folsom, Sister Act, Thomas, Vandelay (Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Outhouse, Tin Cup

Props to Vandelay – he was the ONLY pre-runner who showed up and he did it anyway.  He tried to convince me, but I was still writing up my COT.

Also, just so everyone knows, it sucks trying to carry 10 coupons through the corral onto the track. 🙂

0530 – greeted the PAX and went through the regular into:

Three F’s

  • Mission statement – to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership
  • Core principles – Free, open to all men, always outside, lead in a rotating fashion, ends in a COT.
  • Disclaimer – I may be pretty, but I’m no professional.  We’re using coupons today, be careful
  • No FNG’s

Q had 5 PAX stay back to help carry coupons into position while the remaining PAX jogged the track.  We met up at the south endzone for warmerama which consisted of Tappy Taps, Big Ones, Butt Kickers, Imperial Walkers, and Sun Gods.


It wouldn’t be a Z-bo Q if we didn’t sprint in SOME fashion. The PAX lined up on the goal line and were instructed that we would do a moving exercise to the 20yd line, sprint the remaining 80yds, then light jog back to the start.  We did this 4 times with the following moving exercises – lunge walks, duck walks, bear crawls, Bernie Sanders.

The Thang

PAX converged on the east sideline around the 50.  QIC had the PAX partner up, then explained the following: 2 man grinder.  One partner would stay on the sideline and follow the sheet of AMRAP exercises (1 exercise each time). The other partner would run to the bottom of the stadium stairs, grab a coupon, carry it to the top of the stands, then follow the sheet of coupon exercises (1 exercise each time). They would then carry the coupon BACK down the steps and relieve their partner.  Rinse and repeat until Omaha.  The following are the exercises used:


0609 – Omaha was called and the PAX graciously carried the coupons back to the shovel flags.  THANK YOU.

6MOM: Skipped it today for time



  • 3rd F opportunity tomorrow @ Heartland Hope – reach out to Wentworth.
  • April 23rd 4yr Anniversary/Convergence – keep watch on Slack for details
  • 12 in 22 this Sunday, plenty of options for distance

Prayer Requests

  • People of Ukraine
  • Good friend of Mother Goose – Claire – her husband passed away unexpectedly, keep the family in your prayers.


For my COT, this is something that has been covered multiple times before, but I know for byme it bears repeating.

The easiest path isn’t usually the best path because doing hard things matters.

We are frequently advised to take the path of least resistance.

But, just like carrying those coupons up and down the steps today, it is the resistance, this struggle, it is what makes us into stronger, more competent, more confident individuals.

You grow from each of your failures. So in that sense, they are not failures at all. The true failure would be never to bother trying at all.

I have to be honest with you guys, I haven’t been that great at doing the hard things recently. In Queen Service I’m up 8 lbs from where I started. I’ve said no to my kids far more than I should because it may not be convenient. I’ve given into temptations because fighting through it is hard.

So this message is as much for me as it is for you. Keep doing the hard things, even when you fail. Because doing them makes you stronger, and failing provides an opportunity to grow.

Aye! And SYITG!

~ Z-bo

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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