The Rabbit Hole, Sponsored by the Combine – March 27, 2022

PAX: Rancid, Side-Dish, Betamax, Touche, Doppler, Hei Hei, Sawdust, Blades of Glory, Mac N Cheese, Slowpitch, LPC…

Qs: LPC & Slowpitch.

At 0630am sharp, LPC & Slowpitch gathered to collaborate and elaborate plan with purpose of delivering a solid beatdown while we enjoyed some F2 among one another. We kicked off promptly at 0700, welcomed the PAX to the Rabbit Hole in the parking lot of Benson Park. They alternated giving the mission statement, disclaimer, and the Credo….And no, Frosty the stranger in the van with the dog does not have a frisbee.

PAX then moseyed around the Benson Park grassy knoll to the north for warmarama, Mac N Cheese and Side Dish were late to the party. Warm-A-Rama:

Jump Squats – 20

Side Straddle Hop – 15 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 forward IC and backward IC

Big Ones – 15 IC

Pre-Thang: Hill Circut

Pax then mosied over the creek to the base of the steep hill at the southeast corner of the soccer fields. The Pax partner up. One amrap big boy situps while the other ran up and down the hill to relieve the other. This cycled through multiple times.

Thang: Tour of the Outfield

PAX moseyed toward the baseball field where we ran the circumference of the 4 baseball diamonds. The pax stopped at each light pole. We would alternate lower body upper body exercises each time.  

Air Squats 30


Game: Ultimate Tennis ball!

Due to the lack of planning LPC forgot to bring the frisbee. After a frantic shakedown of the Slowpitch grocery getter we discovered a couple tennis balls. BINGO! We split into two teams. Who knew Hei Hei is basically Jerry Rice reincarnated.  Same rules as ultimate frisbee but with a tennis ball. It was a rousing game that was the perfect replacement for the original plan of ultimate frisbee. Following Omaha we mosied back to shovel flags 

American Hammers – Rancid Style


  • Announcements/Prayers
    • Prayers for various PAX, including kids of PAX who are sick
  • COT: Delivered by LPC This Rabbit Hole was sponsored by the Combine and Slowpitch. I battle acceptance and rejection. This counter to my profession of sales and serving people. I have battled this for a long time. In short my fear of rejection is greater than the Joy of success and this should not be the case. I find myself in my own head far too much and can hinder my work and limit my work and influence to serve others. We all have our baggage or thoughts that can limit us as men and our ability to lead yourself and others. We should strive to be ourselves and be comfortable in our own skin while striving to be the best we can for us and other that depend on us. 


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