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Q: Baby Shoes

Stepping out of the car with Fortnite (FNG) at 0500, YHC was met with the chilly wind of the early morning. Heading down to the track, hurdles were moved into place, ready for the PAX to use during the beatdown. YHC feeling the excitement of the VQ frantically went over notes to make sure everything was ready. Lost in the excitement, YHC forgot to count the brothers out pre-running but there was a solid group of about 8 to 10, keep on pushing yourself brothers! More PAX continued to show up and the excitement was growing as the VQ was soon to start. Welcome, mission, principles, disclaimer were given, FNGs were welcomed, and we headed to the track. 

WARMARAMA: PAX moseyed down to the track to kick off the warmarama 

⁃ Snaked the Stairs

⁃ 15 Side Straddle Hop

⁃ 15 Pickle Pushers

⁃ 15 Oh Yeahs each side

PRE-THANG: After W, PAX headed to the goal-line to pair up and ran twice through a circuit

⁃ Wheelbarrow Carry to the 20 yd line, switching with partner at the 10

⁃ 10 Merkins

⁃ Bear Crawl back to Goal Line

⁃ 10 Bobby Hurley’s

⁃ Bernie Sanders to the 20 yd line

⁃ 10 gator spears each side

⁃ Sprint back to goal line

THANG: Relays were the name of the game today. PAX ran two relays as the main event of the beatdown today.

Relay 1: Groups of 5-6 were formed to a ladder style relay. Each PAX member took turn running

– Run to the 10 yd line, 1 Burpee

– Run to the 20 yd line, 2 Burpees

– Continue up progress to 50 yd line, 5 Burpees

– Sprint back, next PAX member goes

Relay 2: Two groups were created and each group competed to work through a list of 10 exercises before the other group. PAX members completed exercises while one from each group would rifle carry a hurdle to the 50 yd line and back

– 25 Merkins

– 40 IC LBCs

– 15 Burpees

– 40 Air Squats

– 20 Werkins

– 30 Bobbie Hurleys

– 20 IC Apollo UNOs

– 20 IC Frozen Freddies

– 20 IC Alt. Shoulder Taps

– 20 Plank Jacks


⁃ 10 Tappy Taps

⁃ American Hammers to finish

We stayed on the field, circled up, and did Namarama. YHC blessed to have been given so much grace as direction at times was confusing and unclear. Although the beatdown was a mess, PAX was very encouraging and supportive. It is exciting to be able to lead such great people!

NAMARAMA – 3 FNGs, Inspector Gadget, Fortnite, Singlet

PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS –  Saturday Poker, Brick Builder, First Friday Lunch, Bear Grylls’ dad passed away


People always are saying life is a marathon, not a sprint. I think that’s true but life is also just one leg of a relay. We live our lives and at some point, whether we realize it or not, it’s time to pass the baton on to someone else. Whether it be your child or an up and coming employee that has so much potential, you end up passing the baton… or legacy.

I want to share a story with you guys that isn’t my own but my dad’s. One day it will be my story but for now it isn’t. My dad has been give a legacy of father’s who haven’t been the best, not even good some would say. My dad’s great grandfather left his great grandmother to raise a child on her own to go be with another woman, or my dad’s grandfather being a mean drunk, or even my dad’s dad leaving him at an early age and not wanting to have a relationship with him. So my dad had no man to look up to. The legacy he was handed was one of broken men and broken families.

Although he was passed this baton, he knew he didn’t have to pass it to his kids but he could start a new legacy. I am honored, excited, and scared that I too get to continue this legacy of being a man fighting for his family so one day I too, get to pass the baton onto my kids. By no means is this easy but my dad started with something simple, “what can I do today, to pass on a great legacy tomorrow?” So that is my question and challenge for us. What can we do today to pass on a great legacy tomorrow?

The Young Buck,

Baby Shoes

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