13 PAX: Hard hat, Lincoln Logs, Crab Cakes, Flaccid, Light Bright, Sister Act, Water boy, Invictus, Tee Ball, Mufasa, Beaver, Baby Shoes, and Speed Square (Q). 

5 core principles:

  1. Be free of charge
  2. Be open to all men
  3. Be held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Be led in a rotating fashion
  5. End with a Circle of Trust (CoT)


I am not a professional, modify as necessary.


“Leave no man behind but leave no man where you find him.”

Daily reflection: Think about a song that you enjoy and that reminds you of something that brings you happiness and joy. For me, it’s 

My Front Porch Looking In – Lonestar

I see what beautiful is about

When I’m looking in

Not when I’m looking out”


Mosey to the South end of the high school to get out of the wind.

  • Side Straddle hops – 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 15 IC
  • Big One’s – 10
  • Tappy taps – 10 IC

The Thang

1 – Mosey to the Middle of the high school to circle up at the entrance. 

Exercise: Brig Rat x3

  • 5 Burpee’s
  • 20 Dips
  • 5 Burpee’s
  • 30 Air squats
  • 5 Burpee’s
  • 10 Mtn Climbers – IC
  • Rest, Rinse & Repeat

2 – Mosey back to the South side of the High school. 

Exercise: Buffalo Laps – 4 people teams – COUPON 

– The didn’t really know what the hell “Buffalo Laps” were, but we quickly learned that it was a challenge. 

  • 400M Run (out and back to light pole) – 2 ppl
  • 2 remaining PAX work through below beatdown. 
    • Kettlebell Coupon Swings – 10 – 1 person
    • Burpees – AMRAP while partner completes Coupon Swings

3 – Quarterdeck Core x3

  • Merkins – 10
  • Supermans – 10
  • V-Ups – 10

4 – Plank & Shank – back to the coupon station with teams of 2. 

  • Plank (amrap) & Murder Bunnies – 10 Yds – 1 PAX per item. 
  • Shank (amrap) & Rifle Carry – 10 YDs
  • Rinse and repeat

5 – Mary 

  • T Merkins
  • American Hammers – Rancit


  • Count-o-rama – 13
  • name-o-rama – No FNG’s
  • announcements – 
  • shout-outs/words of wisdom/prayers. 
    • Poker tournament – 4/3
    • Heartland hope this weekend
    • New shirts coming out for AO’s.
    • VQ baby shoes – 3/30/22

A special song to me that reminds me of my kids happens to be by Lonestar, My Front porch looking in. 

“Nothing takes my breath away

Like my front porch looking in

There’s a carrot top who can barely walk

With a sippy cup of milk

A little blue eyed blonde with shoes on wrong

‘Cause she likes to dress herself

And the most beautiful girl holding both of them

Yeah the view I love the most

Is my front porch looking in”

I encourage you Pax to find a song that reminds you of a loved one or makes you happy, share it with them. Tell them how you feel and what the song does for you. You the song to display your love for those around you, your family, friends, and neighbor. I encourage you to take someone you love out to eat or make their day special. If you have a parent/child/grandparent, make their day special. 

I met my kindergardener for lunch the other day at his school and it was the best that I’ve done in a long time. I can’t wait to do it again. Make time to do what makes you happy, make time to treat someone else to something nice, and share the song with them that you like. 


Speed square

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