DATE: 2022-03-30
AO: Heavy-Metal
Q: Wentworth
PAX: Safe Ride, Farva, Folsom, Doll Face, Spacebar, Touche’, Spreadsheet, bloodshot, Q-Tip, Beta Max, Golden Pike (GP), Edison FNGs: Sawblade
Quick mosey to the obelisk & back and then Sun Gods, Tappy Taps, Michael Phelps, and Copperhead Squats.

We broke up into 4 groups, 1 to the stage, 2 stay here, 3 & 4 head to the gazebo with group 4 being the push group to the stage while carrying with your DB’s.

Group 1: Stage exercises were all arms for 15 each – Shoulder Press, Bent over Fly’s, on your back fly’s, curls, skull crushers from your back, Upright Rows, and then merkins with DB’s for a little extra burn

Group 2: (This was probably my favorite station to design, but not to actually do myself) Here comes the APEX / IronPax exercises which started with 25 yards of murder bunnies, rifle carry, and then 55 # DB Farmer’s Carry out and back. When extra PAX are in the group, they will do a core exercise of flutters, box cutters, low dolly’s, or big boys all with your DB.

Group 3: Since this station was at the gazebo, YHC felt like the PAX would enjoy another APEX favorite, knees to elbows until failure, followed by a combination of leg exercises like step up’s with the park benches, goblet squats, lunges, etc. I can’t remember all of these as the paper blew away and I didn’t learn a lesson from Road House after all.

Group 4: was the push to the stage and we all got through these stations twice.

I don’t always mention much mumblechatter in my BB, but this was pretty memorable as I haven’t been in a small group with Farva before and I had heard rumors of his gas issues, but I got to experience it first hand today as that guy really let it rip about 100 times in the 30 minutes of the station to station workout. I was glad that the wind was as strong as it was and we weren’t downwind from him intentionally.

We finished the workout with Rancid Style Hammers with or without weights, PAX choice.

Since we had the Comms Q in attendance, he covered most of the announcements like the 1st Friday lunch along with the Queenservice lunch Friday at Inner Rail behind HDR. 4-year convergence on 4/23 which will be a CSAUP and include 2nd and 3rd F components, and then our Brick Builder event will be on 5/21.

Everywhere you turn now, all you hear about is the Oscar’s night slap by Will Smith to Chris Rock. I have been reflecting on this incident and I feel that it comes down to an anger issue and self-control more than a justified retaliation. I think back on the Patrick Morley book “The Man in the Mirror” and one of the chapters talks specifically about dealing with anger. Proverbs 19:11 “Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” I also heard Will Smith state that Denzel Washington said to him, “be careful because at your highest moment, that’s when the devil will try to get you and tempt you…” As men, we need to control our anger and temptations by the devil, and rise up to show the next generation how to handle adversity without violence and an outburst like the one we witnessed this week.

Wentworth ended in prayer


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