March 18, 2022 // AO: The Brickyard // Stinson Park // 35 degrees rain and snow. 

PAX: (10) Huffy, BetaMax, Invictus, Hard hat, Vanilla Ice, Z Bo, Slowpitch, Stella, Ice T, LPC. 


The QIC arrived around 500am to set up and get a lay of the land considering the naxty cold wet rainy day. It was a small group for the pre-run that took off exactly at 5am.The PAX was promptly welcomed at 530am by the QIC with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer.


The PAX began with a mosey to the stairwell of the parking garage and ascended to the top level outside where a series of movements were conducted in sequential order broken up with a run down the incline and back. .

Side Straddle Hops 15 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC

Wind Mills 10 IC

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Once warm-a-rama was completed the PAX ran to the bottom of the parking garage back to the shovel flags and awaited further instruction. 

The Thang:

The Pax partnered up and moved over to the circular grassy area on the west side of the Tower/spire. 

Partners complete upperbody exercise and plank combo then buddy drag one another across the grassy area switching halfway. Then complete lower body exercise and core. Then buddy drag back until all exercises completed or Omaha is called. 

North side of grassy area upper body exercises, 1 him completes the movement while other does core and then switch. 

  1. Stepup Mercan 15 /LBC
  2. Curl Press 15 / Futter Kicks
  3. Sumo DL High Pull 15 / Plank

Southside lower body exercises and core

  1. Coupon Squat 25 each / fredy mercury
  2. Block Lunge 25 ea / Plank pos with alternating cross to hand to toe  
  3. Coupon Swing 25 each / Plank



It is easy to get comfortable and then lead yourself down a path and mindset that woe is me especially during this season of the year as we transition from winter to spring. We don’t give ourselves enough credit force ourselves to do hard things to build confidence. The weather today was shitty and gross. We all could have stayed in and fart sacked but we didn’t! We made the tough decision to get out of bed and we got better mentally even more than physically today. A question you might ask yourself is if you have enough to get through, survive or even excel. The question is yes! Hell yes. Why? Because you have already survived the toughest day of your life. There is no good reason you can’t make it through this, make it until tomorrow. People are counting on us. Keep showing up! 



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