Mess Hall 3/29/2022

13 Pax – Khakis (Respect), Ice T, Tater Tot, Blue Chip, Cosmo, Huffy, Q-Tip (Respect), Tonight Show, Griswold, Frosty, Edison, Jeeves (Respect), Slow Pitch

Q-Slow Pitch

Weather – Said it was 38, but wind was there, and Khakis had to cover his arms after originally thinking he was going short sleeves.

The Q ran pulled up about 4:50 and saw Q-Tip (Respect) preparing himself for a ruck in his car. They spoke briefly and then Slow Pitch threw some lights and cones into a freezer bag to take to locations around the AO. There’s a good breeze out here and if not for a thermometer you’d never know it was above freezing. Anyway the Q finished setting up and saw a few studs gathering next to Q-Tip. They were getting ready for a pre-run and waited on the Q before taking off. Original plan was to not run fast or far, but this isn’t what Tater Tot was thinking, apparently. SP kept up the best he could and there were flashing dashboard lights even before his Q.

At 5:32 the Q got it started a bit late, however he covered the Mission Statement, that he’s not a Professional, Principles: Outside, Free, Rotating Fashion, Open to all Men, COT

We then Moseyed to bottom of the street and around the corner under a streetlight and circledup. For some reason a car parked a few hundred feet from the pax with its lights on and observed Warmarama.


​Calf Raises: 20 on up  

Burpees:  10

E2K:  10 on up Left

Calf Raises (Goofy Footed): 20 on up 

Burpees:  10

E2K:  10 on up Right

Calf Raises (Pigeons Toed): 20 on up

Burpees:  10

Big Boys:  20 on up

Mosey up the hill to behind the school and on the basketball court.

Warnings bells were going off in the Q’s ears, as he was regretting running that far for the Warmarama, after the pre run and now knowing he was going to be doing Bernie Merkins for the pre-thang.

Pre-Thang: Bernie up the hill 1 Merkin, jog down 2 Merkins, Bernie up 3 Merkins, jog down, 4 Merkins… to 10 Merkins completed

Slow Pitch (accidently) stepped on Khakis’ (Respect) hand when he was running back up the hill and Khakis (Respect) was directly behind him. This happen another time at the top of the hill and Khakis (Respect) reminded the Q that was his second time. Once the pax finished it was time for the Thang. 

The Thang: 100’s

​4 Cones set up on sidewalk around park do 100 of the exercise, then move to next. Repeat until finished. The exercises were Merkins, LBC’s IC, Squats and SSH IC. 

100 Merkins will usually get a little grumblingfrom the pax and the Q was the last to finish. Poor choice. 

At 6:08 Omaha was called and moseyed back to flags

Mary: Gas Pumpers Rancid Style (Yes Khakis was pissed at this too, supposed to be American Hammers)

Announcements: Check Slack, Brick Builder, 2nd F Lunch, 4 Year anniversary.

Prayers: Smashmouth’s M and sister-in-law, Polaroid and M, Jeeves, and friend Dan

COT: Take a knee

Last night I was at a meeting with fellowship of men and during a topic of discussion, one of the guys said, “You just don’t know the power of kneeling down with another man to say a prayer.”

I thought about his statement and how I have come to rely on and love that power. There was a time in my life that kneeling with another man or with my arms wrapped around them, made me feel uncomfortable. Today, it’s one of the things I have come to love the about the start my day and it’s one of the reasons I get out of bed.  That power has helped me in my life in more ways than I can count. There are times that I hear only the words of the prayer, from the person delivering it. Sometimes it’s the breathing of the man next to me. Sometimes my thoughts are of the guys in the moment with each other, or their families, their coworkers or people in our world. If I am willing to intently listen, with an open mind, I can hear and feel that power. I want to thank you men for helping understand the power of kneeling down with another man to say a prayer. 

Prayer: Tonight Show

It is an honor to lead such great men! – Slow Pitch

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