3/29/22 5:30am, 38deg, clear and a bit windy

AO: The Trident of F3 Omaha

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Wait Time (respect), Ozark (respect), Chiclets (respect), Brazilian, Saul, Room Service, Road House, Gator, Dome, Big One, Bubbles, Doppler, Wentworth, Slick, Beta Max, Hard Hat, Sister Act, Skipper, Vanilla Ice, welcome with open arms FNG Haymaker!!

Greetings, Mission statement, core values, welcome FNG Mike from Cozad

Stinger takes the PAX on a 50 yd mosey to the parking lot next to the shovel flags for a firecracker Red Bull paced WOR!

WOR (also a pre pre thang, a salty beat down in itself)- Goof balls -12IC, Sun Gods/calf raise 10IC, High knees-12IC, Tappy Taps-12IC, Big Ones-10IC, SSH-12IC, Imperial Walkers-12IC, Bobby Hurleys-15, Monkey Humpers-15IC, Alt Shld taps-10IC, Tempo Merk-10IC, Merkins-10.

At this point the PAX has started small amounts of mumble chatter. Stinger takes a pulse on the crowd and decides to go for a quick paced mosey south ways. About 100 yards in he stops the PAX for 10 merkins in front of the first round about. The race is on once again and the PAX continues a southbound mosey. Stinger veers the PAX to the southeast to the front of the Temple Israel. The mosey is stopped once again to perform 10 jump squats before heading to the amphitheater in the back of the synagogue for yet another surprise.

Hop Scotch Temple Dance- PAX is instructed to do 10 merkins at the base of the amphitheater steps, then hop over the boulder seats to the top to perform 10 air squats. Rinse and repeat until further instructed. 4 minutes in Q Stinger is hearing of near misses and signs of danger. He gives it 2 more min on the clock before calling Omaha at 5:49am. The PAX takes off on yet another fast paced mosey towards The office complex parking garages.

The Thang-south of the Linked In office there stands a parking garage with a sharp incline to lower level parking. Why wouldn’t a Q select this for their 3 man grinder. The PAX teams up in 3s, 2 men at the top, one at the bottom. One of the 2 acts as the runner and relieves the man at the bottom. You know the drill. The crew at the bottom is performing the following exercises AMRAP: Werkins, Cherry Pickers IC, Plank, Bat Wings (really Chinooks, my bad;) Ranger Merkins, Sun Gods/calf raise, amazing spider man. The crew at the top got Sumo Squats IC, Calf Raises, Air Squats, Bobby Hurleys, Imperial Walkers, Mountain climbers, and Groiners.

6:02am-Stinger has had/seen enough and calls Omaha. The PAX cleans up their mess and takes off on a much slower paced mosey. Stinger surprises the PAX on the way back with a extra treat! 10 more squat jumps right next to the shovel flags before circling up for 6MM

6MM-flutter kicks-12IC, LBCs-12IC, Low Dollys-15, pickle pushers-10IC, Groiners-10, pickle pushers-5IC, Groiners-5 Omaha

Announcements: First Friday lunch, Brick-builder on May 21st, Divorced dads meeting, F3 anniversary April 23.

Prayer requests: Isabella, Ukraine, and all those held within our hearts.

COT: inspired by Will Smith slapping the crap out of Chris Rock on the Oscars: The book Wild by Heart by John Eldridge digs into the soul of what makes a man a man. We are meant to be warriors, not be tame, subdued and passive all the time. Inside our hearts long 3 main desires: A battle to fight, an adventure to seek and a beauty to love and rescue. After Smith had punched Rock he won the award for best actor and said that “he was called by God to protect those who he loved deeply” and “loves makes you do crazy things”. Will Smith chose his battle to fight and his beauty to rescue that night. I thought it was great. In the book “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” the author Meg Meeker MD continually points to the fact that young daughters consider their dad their first hero. They long for their fathers to protect them and keep them safe from harm. Girls who have “daddy issues” are mostly caused from needing their fathers in tough times only to turn around and not find them there. Sometimes punches need to be thrown my brothers, battles need to be fought and we need to be our girls heroes. It’s always my honor to lead, I am and always will remain your most humble corespondent. Cheers. SYITG

H. Stinger

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