Stinson Park AO | 30 degrees

Q: Bloodshot

Pax: Buns of Steel, Stella, Pony Express, Jerod, Doll Face, Bovine, American Picker, Space Bar, Lansbury, Spread sheet, Gunner, Beeps, Polaroid, Stitches, Grandma’s Boy, Touché, Folsom.

YHC welcomed the PAX and stated the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer. Only grizzly veterans in the gloom with no FNGs.

Thang: we got right into the bracket since there was much to do. 4 cones were set up along the track and corresponding lanterns were on the infield. PAX instantly understood the routine of running to the next cone, down to the lantern, exercise, run back to the cone at the track, and on to the next cone.

Exercises eliminated after the first round of the bracket were performed in 32 reps.

Cherry pickers, jump squats, partner push, starfish crunch, crab touches, dips, chill cut jacks, monkey humpers, copperhead squat, lunges, Bobby hurleys, and pickle pushers.

Exercises eliminated in the sweet sixteen (and 16 reps) were: Jump tucks, Turkish getups, Diamond merkins, ranger merkins, hydrolic squats, and Carolina Dry Docks.

Elite eight exercises were done in sets of 10: Hand release merkins, Bonnie Blair’s, chuck norris merkins.

We got in all of the final 4 exercises as sets of 10: burpees, hand release merkins, crawl bear, and Makhtar N’Diayes in time to call Omaha.

Up against the clock we got 25 of the top 32 F3Omaha exercises. All had perfect brackets. We ended with E2K x 20 and Rancid style American Hammers.

COT: One shining moment. I LOVE the March madness tournament. The finality of the seniors and the mortality of the moment gives it so much meaning. This time, these groups, can not be reproduced- players graduate and move on, coaches do too.

I think of our time I the gloom and how it will change. This summer with our kids, and how there won’t be another at THIS age. Really the only thing that is constant is change.

And then I think of Jimmy. You’ve all prayed for him- a boy with an inoperable brain tumor. The percentages say that I will have to diagnose once roughly every 18 years. I was friends in college with his mom and our sons are the same age. It’s heartbreaking to see him start to slur his speech. He sees double now. He walks with a limp. His mom wants just one more summer with her son. One summer of baseball.

For most all of us, we know we likely have more games to play; Jimmy’s one shining moment may have passed, or it may be this summer.

I have an appreciation watching the last 8 minutes of the the games in the tournament. You feel the desperation and each player’s response to the mortality of the moment.

I feel we owe it to the Jimmy’s of this community to live this day/ this summer like it’s at the under 8 time out.

Aye! Bloodshot

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