March 24, 2022|Stone Creek Park, | AO – The Berm | 23°

PAX (18): T-ball, Truly, Skipper, Toto, LPC, Tube Socks, Heihei, Slap Shot, Doggie Paddle, Chucky, Pantyhose, Mulligan, Al Borland 

QIC: Al Borland

YHC covered the mission statement, credo and core principlesand disclaimer. 


The PAX made a short mosey from the shovel flags to the soccer field to dump some coupons for later use.  The mosey continued to the upper parking lot for Warm-a-rama.  Heavy mumble chatter and the frequent breaking of wind occasionally drowned out the Q and familiar humdrum 4-count that precedes most F3 workouts.  All was not lost as the final exercise of Warm-a-rama, a circle burp, was a crowd favorite.  Chucky was unusually giddy about the opportunity to circle burp with the PAX.  

(15) Side Straddle Hops (IC) 

(15) Tappy Taps (IC)

(10) Sun gods (IC-F/R)

(15) Cherry Pickers (IC)

(13) Circle Burp (burpee- rancid style, 13 total)


For the pre-thang, the PAX held plank, shoulder-to-should, in a circle while YHC explained the Big Bang. For the Big Bang the PAX form a small circle while holding plank.  A light, my headlamp in this case, is placed at the center of the circle.  The Q calls out a number and excise.  The PAX standup, in an explosion of energy, and run directly away from the center of the circle for the number of paces associated with the called exercise, perform the exercise then return to the headlamp and reassume the plank position.  


For “The Thang” YHC devised a simple, rudimentary, 3-man grinder.  Unfortunately, my explanation of the exercise must have been lacking as we struggled to execute the concept.  The exercise goes as follows.  Man One, starting at the south end line, proceeds in a northly direction to the opposite end line.  The first 25 yards of his journey consists of murder bunnies with a coupon (coupon #1).  The middle 50 yards consists of walking lunges (w/o the coupon, leave coupon #1. Don’t take the coupon.) and a rifle carry for the last 25 yards (w/coupon #2). Man Two receives coupon #2 and proceeds back to the south end line and Man Three.  The exercise continues in this fashion until Omaha was called at 0555.


Skipper, T-ball and Tube Socks each led us in one round of Mary before ending with American Hammers.  

Announcements & Prayer Requests

• The F3 Nugent Flag was passed from T-ball to me, Al Borland.  


YHC spent too much time strategerizing the beatdown that I didn’t have time to dig for profound thoughts. I settled on ‘thank you’. After 7 months with F3 Omaha, I can tell that you all have made me a better me, a better man and a better dad. SYITG

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