March 25, 2022 // AO: The Brickyard // Stinson Park // 38 Degrees and Clear

PAX: (19) Huffy, E-85, Duracell, Pit Stop, Smashmouth, Yogi, Styx, Double Dip, Honey Stinger, Stella, Vanilla Ice, Polaroid, Escobar, Betamax, Lansbury, Toadstool, Irish Car Bomb, Bloodshot

Q: Icy Hot

The QIC arrived around 450am to quickly set up prior to the 5am pre-run. It was a good size group for the pre-run that took off exactly at 5am. The pre-run group decided to run Shirley street with the exception of Huffy. He stated it was Friday, we don’t run Shirley, but he ended up running solo for the majority of the run until he picked up ICB.

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 530am by the QIC with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer.


The PAX began with a mosey around the sidewalk around Stinson Park behind the stage and then circling up in the grass of the pep bowl.

Side Straddle Hops 15 IC

Tappy Taps 10 IC

Big Ones 10 IC

Plank Jacks 10 IC

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Goof Balls 10 IC

Once warm-a-rama was completed the PAX partnered up for the pre-thang and headed over to the walls on the north side of the park. Each group would need 1 coupon for the pre-thang


One partner would jump over the wall six times while the other partner performed the first isometric exercise. The partner jumping over the wall would then rotate with their partner who would then jump over the wall six times. Once both PAX did the first isometric hold they would then perform the second exercise and continue to go through the exercises until Omaha was called at 545am.

Goblet Squat Hold

Lunge Hold Left Foot Forward

Lunge Hold Right Foot Forward

When Omaha was called the PAX numbered off into groups of 4 for the 4 station coupon beatdown in the grass of Stinson Park


Once the PAX was split into groups the QIC explained the exercises as they would be new to most people there. Everyone would need a coupon as it would be used for all exercises. When moving from station to station the PAX would need to murder bunny to the next station.

Station 1 Push group

  1. Blockees – 10

Station 2

  1. Kettlebell Swings – 10
  2. Thrusters – 10, hold for 5 seconds in the squat position then explode up

Station 3

  1. Overhead Press – 10, Explode up, but 5 seconds down
  2. Tempo Merkins – 10 IC

Station 4

  1. Curls – 10, explode up, but 5 seconds down
  2. Chest Press – 10, explode up, but 5 seconds down

At 606am Omaha was called and the PAX circled up around the swings for Mary.


  • LBCs – 15 IC
  • Flutter Kicks – 15 IC
  • Frozen Freddy’s – 15 IC
  • Rancid style American Hammers


Second Charity Poker Tournament at JE Dunn April 2nd. Details on SLACK

Prayers for Smashmouth’s wife, who is donating a kidney to her sister next week, for Honey Stinger’s family. I know there were some other prayers that were spoken, but I’m sorry I could not remember them all.

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy. Motivational Speaker

Today was about doing something new. The slow exercises we did today are called eccentric exercises and I know that these are not typically done at the Brickyard. I am not a fan of the Brickyard because of how awkward and uncomfortable I am when having to work with coupons. This might only be my 3rd or 4th time I have been at the Brickyard because of the inability to modify. However, the only way we get better and prepared for life is if we encounter the awkward and uncomfortable situations. If we are not being challenged, we are not growing. Step out of your comfort zone and see what you will be able to achieve if you allow yourself. Thank you for trying these new exercises with me today and being sore for the next couple days.

Huffy, Thank you for the opportunity to lead this morning!


Icy Hot

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