DATE: 2022-03-26
AO: Dragons-Lair
Q: Ozark
PAX: Gator, Tonight Show, Yodel, Chiclets, Ketchup, Brian Farley – F3 Chippendale, F3 Mr Miyagi Daniel Castillo, T-Party, Lite Bright, Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Lincoln Log FNGs: Big Unit, Flinstone
A beautiful, clear 33-degree, light humidity morning with a light, northerly breeze. After set-up at the Gretna practice field, upon arrival to the parking lot, YHC and Gator encountered no pre-runners this fine morning. However, PAX abound with Crab Cakes pulling in on our tail to plant the shovel flag. T-Claps for Gator’s unwavering assistance setting up for the Thang. More PAX trickled in, chatted amidst very, very light stretching.

At 6:00, YHC covers the mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. No FNGs. Big Unit’s first Dragon’s Lair appearance, welcome!!!

Ozark led the PAX to the basketball court for Warm-A-Rama. While trying not to interrupt happy mumble chatter, Ozark led cadence: SSH 20;
Cherry Pickers 15;
FOF Low, slow Squats 15;
Modified Big Ones (IVERYSLOWC) Holding 10 Count Each Side
Modified Tappy Taps. No Tapping and not on your feet. So…not Tappy Taps at all. Instead, Runner Stretch (On one knee, other leg extended in front, forehead to extended knee, slow 10 Count) followed by a Pigeon on the extended leg for 10 count; Switch legs and repeat (mixed mumblechatter, some in favor of said stretch, others…notsomuch. Too bad for them, this is way, WAY better); Since we’re down there, 15 Merkins; and
Since we’re still down there, Downward Dog, then Upward Dog.
Pair Up. Ketchup’s inquiry (first of many), does size matter? Of course it does Ketchup. Mosey to the hill adjacent to the tennis courts with one coupon per pair.

First partner is the push partner and will carry the coupon up and down the hill with pre-determined exercises at the top of the hill with said coupon. Second partner performs wall exercises followed by core at the fence until first partner arrives from the hill, then flapjack.

Hill Exercises:
5 Blockies at top of hill
10 Block Curls at top of hill
10 Block Presses at top of hill
10 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Block Thrusters
Wall Exercises:
20 Sec of Balls to the Fence / Big Boys
15 Chicken Peckers / LBCs
15 Mountain Climbers / Freddy Mercurys
15 Donkey Kicks / Heels to Heaven
20 Sec of Balls to the Fence / WWIs

Mosey. To…

After circling back for the six, up at the High School, YHC noticed something beautiful. A multi-brown colored brick wall. Which is way, WAY better than the chain link fence we just left!!!

Improvise. Mini-Wall Pyramid:
5 Australian Mountain Climbers IC

10 Chicken Peckers IC
15 Donkey Kicks
10 Chicken Peckers IC
5 Australian Mountain Climbers IC

Now, while YHC intends to provide these fine HIMs with a good beat down, many didn’t find this wall nearly as idyllic as YHC. Too bad…way, WAY better.

NOW, on to The Thang!!!
Circle up in the school parking lot and count off Count off 1-3 (notably, we got a few 4’s) for a 3-station grinder on the practice field. First station is the push, the other two are AMRAP.

Station 1 – (Push Group)
Round 1 – 25 FOF Squats
Round 2 – 25 Merkins
Round 3 – 20 Box CuttersPS – Have a Nice Day 😊

Station 2 – (AMRAP)
Round 1 – Lunges IC
Round 2 – Plank
Round 3 – Freddy MercuriesPS – Have a Nice Day 😊

Station 3 – (AMRAP)
Round 1 – Apollo Ohnos IC
Round 2 – Werkins
Round 3 – RosalitasPS – Have a Nice Day 😊
After all rounds completed, YHC calls Omaha, reluctantly. Because the mumblechatter was so prolific, he could only interpret as more is better. Way better.


There were some… check slack. Many prayer requests for sick family members, injured pax, and those facing challenges.

Ziglar. Many of his words get YHC going but some in particular – When you are tough on yourself, life becomes infinitely easier on you. Digest that. Zig goes on to say if you are easy on yourself, life will become infinitely harder on you. But you guys already know that. It’s why you’re out here at 6:00 AM on a Saturday morning. YHC believes what Zig meant is that being tough on yourself is not to use that negative voice in your head. Enough negativity already exists outside your own head, instead it’s Expect Greatness & Don’t Settle. Find something you’re passionate about and work hard at it. Not just a job, how about a relationship? You’ll find Success! Gentlemen, YHC saw tough times, most of us have at one point or another. We can all come out the other side! YHC encourages you to lean on the PAX & the Respect group, we’re here for you.

Tonight Show took us out in prayer.

Coffee at the Beanery remains undefeated.

Shalom Out – Ozark

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