F3 Omaha March 26, 2022- 0700 The Oracle AO, Skipper Q

3/26/2022:  Boys Town.  Approx. 26 degrees, wind light and variable, clear, all surfaces free of ice and snow.

PAX:  5 total- Kielbasa, Dirty Bird, Hey Hey, Cheap Seats, and Skipper.

Q: Skipper.  Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers.

Warm-A-Rama:  the PAX immediately moseyed to the parking lot at intersection of Walsh Dr. and Doyle Dr. on Boys Town and performed 15 Merkins, 15 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Tappy Taps, 15 LBCs, 15 Big Ones, and 15 Imperial Walkers.

Pre Thing:

The PAX then moseyed to the west side of the Boys Town field house for the for Pre Thing.  The Pre Thing involved an exercise in reflection regarding gratitude.  The PAX alternated between static exercises, some of which used the wall, and other exercises.  Exercises included a wall sit, plank, balls to the wall, alternating shoulder taps, inverted Merkins, and Australian mountain climbers.  During the static exercises, Skipper posed questions regarding gratitude and each PAX went down the line with a response. 

The Thing:

The PAX then moseyed to the Boys’ town track and began The Thing.

The Thing is known as the “Walls of Jericho”, focused on the number 7.  The PAX were to perform 7 reps of 7 exercises and then run one lap around the track.  Then another 7 reps of each of the 7 exercises.  The idea was that this would be done 7 times (with 7 laps around the track).  The exercises included Merkins, side straddle hops, seal jacks, big boy situps, flutter kicks, air squats and, lastly, burpees.  The PAX completed 5 laps around the track and completed the exercise set 6 times but then had to mosey back to the flags due to time constraints. 


No Mary was completed due to time constraints. 


No FNGs today.  Name A Rama was completed as normal.

Announcements & Prayer Requests

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q- Skipper:

                Ways to focus on gratitude.

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