DATE: 2022-03-25
AO: -Woodshed
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: bovine, Black Lung, Black Flag, American Picker, Ice T, Stapler, Farva FNGs: None

16x Big Ones
15x Tappy Taps
15x of something else i forgot

We did a string of pearls. PAX chain ran between each station.

First stop was the corner of 69th St and Pacific.
– 30x Alternating Shoulder Taps
– 30x Mountain climbers

Second stop was the stop light catty corner to the Marriott. – 30x monkey humpers
– 30x frozen freddies

Third stop was the crossroads right by Stinson park. We waved like idiots and said hi to the Brickyard PAX from across the street. – 30x Oh Yeahs
– 30x Merkins

Chain ran back to the second stop and did
– 20x monkey humpers
– 20x frozen freddies

Chain ran back to the first stop
– 30 second Al Gore
BUT that wasn’t enough for Farva and Black Lung. They decided to fit in 10 burpees. We let them.

2.72 miles covered in total.

No Mary.

– Heartland Hope tomorrow
– Romeo’s got a play tonight.
– Prayers for Ukraine. People PAX have lost recently.

I just talked about my experience with running in F3 and how I never really ran all that much before F3. But something about being around a bunch of runners and seeing how delighted every one was, it sparked something in me.

I started prerunning. I did a halfsy. I did a 10k. I did multiple 5ks. But it wasn’t really clicking with me that I was a runner until I accepted that I was a runner. The people around me just naturally helped me become that.

Point is, you are the company you keep and in F3 I am in running company. I am in good company.

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