AO:  The Armory | March 25th,  2022 | 32deg, low wind, clear skies

PAX: Ozark ( Respect ), Lincoln Log ( Respect, Respect ), Vlasic ( Respect ), Biff, Thor, Barn Door, Lite Brite, Slick, Hei Hei, Cheap Seats, Tonight Show, Fish Oil, De Cleat, Slow Clap, Unicycle, Tea Party, Kobayashi, Nelly, Fine Print, Yodel, Blades of Glory, Hard Hat, Gator, Griswold.

QIC: Griswold

I showed up about 5:15 to do some setup, ran into Hard Hat and chatted for a little bit waiting for the guys to show up and pre-runners to come in.  24 in total today.  Solid showing men!

5:30am:  Welcomed the PAX, introduced myself, gave mission statement and core principles.  No FNGs today.

WoR: We did WoR right where we stood today.  10 tempo merkins, 10 merkins, 10 tempo merkins, 30 monkey humpers.

Mosey’d to 207th street for 15 tempo merkins, 15 monkey humpers.

Mosey’d to the football field for pre thang.

Pre Thang – Partner up.  One guy runs to side line and back, other guy does Burpees.  Switch.  Then next round instead of Burpees, we planked.  We did that for 6 rounds.

Mosey’d back to shovel flags for countoff for 4 group grinder.  We headed to the soccer field for the grinder.


Group 1 – 50 Merkins ( push group )

Group 2 – Lower Body:  Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers. ( AMRAP until relieved )

Group 3 – Upper Body:  Werkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins.  ( AMRAP until relieved )

Group 4 – Core: big boys, low dollies, gas pumpers. ( AMRAP until relieved )

Got through 2.5 rounds before OMAHA was called at 6:08am.

Mosey’d back to shovel flags for Mary.  24IC American Hammers

Announcements and Prayer Requests: 4 year convergence at the Canyon 4/23, Heartland Hope Saturday with Wentworth, 4/2 Poker Tournament, Blade’s Father Rich, Unicycle’s Mom Pam with breast cancer and our brother Nelly.

CoT:  I originally had planned to share some of my reflections from my professional life today but an impactful event happened this week that made me change my mind.  Tuesday night, had a friend and training partner at my jiu jitsu gym have a heart attack after training.  He’s in his late 30’s, in good shape but suffered a heart attack.  Made me think about all those times I thought about someone and didn’t say anything to them or just to touch base that I was thinking about them.  Slow Pitch on his Glue Oom episode spoke about little whispers that god lets us know to reach out to those people.  I challenged the PAX today to reach out to someone maybe they haven’t seen in a while, or were thinking about.  It really makes a big difference for such a small act. 

Thank you for the support for me today and for Gator and the Armory AO.

I led us out in prayer.



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