25 March 2022 / AO Combine / 35F NW Winds

PAX (23): Frosty, Wentworth, Q-Tip, (Respect x2), Mulligan (Respect), Al Boreland, Bam-Bam, Rain Delay, Skipper, LPC, Truly, Grease Fire, Kill Switch, Pantyhose, Honeymaid, Slap Shot, Blanks, Barbershop, Superfly, Skeet, Wiley, Bob Ross, Armbar

Night before the beat down my oldest son asked if he could come with me to F3. I was very excited to have him ask to come, but was also nervous because I knew this COT was going to carry some extra weight and meaning to me. I of course said he and his brother could come. I thought maybe it was the universe giving me a sign from my Mom to help make the day even more special.

0505 pulled into the parking lot with two surprisingly awake dudes in the backseat. Bam-Bam (my oldest son) helped me set-up the cones around the school, while Rain Delay chilled in the car waiting for us.


The pre runners all circled up and were joined by a good sized crowd I estimated at a little over 20. I was glad I added some extra stations to keep the groups small and the mumble chatter flowing. I welcomed everyone to F3, knocked out the required statements. Then I Told everyone that today is my Mom’s birthday so today we were going to celebrate moms.


Lap around the school.

Tater taps

Big Ones

Sun Gods

Pre Thang: Aerobics

My mom was an aerobics instructor for a few years and I loved watching her choose music and get excited to lead workouts when I was a kid.

Song Maniac from the movie FlashDance which was of my Mom’s favorite movies

FlashDances (fast feet and hand raises)

Hip thrusts

Leg lifts left and right side

Mountain Climbers

Travelling Merkins

After completing the Pre-thang and hearing chatter after the beat down, Aerobics were a hit and will likely need to be included more often however a videographer should be present next time.

The Thang:

6 Corners: around the school

1: 30 seconds Flash Dances

Question: What song did you/would you dance with your mom with at your wedding

2: Chuck Norris Merkins, Chuck Norris Diamond Merkins

Question: What is your Mom’s favorite food? What is your Mom’s favorite Movie/TV show?

3: Freddy Mercury, Big Boy sit-ups

Question: What food meal reminds you of your mom? How does your mom demonstrate the 1st F?

4: Jump Squats, Bonnie Blair’s

Question: Favorite memory of your mom? How does your mom demonstrate the 2nd F?

5: Box Cutters Makhtar N’Diaves

6: Step ups, 1 leg lunges.

Question: Last vacation you took with your mom? How does your mom demonstrate the 3rd F?



American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements/Prayer Requests

Heartland Hope this Saturday 9-12

Rabbit Hole and 12 in 22 are both this Sunday

Scoober has knee surgery today, Prayers for him


So this morning we all got a chance to celebrate and share stories about our moms. I was happy to share and remember the best parts of my Mom with the group. My Mom battled borderline personality disorder, and my relationship with her was very unbalanced. Today was not just her birthday, but also the day that she committed suicide. Over the years I have worked on this poem and I decided to read it to the group this morning. To me it is about how, during many times in our relationship I had to act as a parent and learn to take care of not just myself but also my Mom. My Mom loved the beach and we would often go visit lighthouses.

And I am the lighthouse perched high on the rocks

And you are the cliffs jagged and barnacled, sharp edges ready to rip at me

And I am the lighthouse standing tall, looking over the horizon

And you are the waves crashing against the shore, reaching up to me over and over again

And I am the lighthouse I have my hatches battened down against the raging tempest

And you are the storm winds whipping at my windows, tears pouring down on me, blurring my vision

And I am the lighthouse, horn calling into the night begging to keep you safe

And you are the ship crashed on the rocks, your hull screaming into the depth and darkness

And I am the lighthouse light pouring out for all to see

And you can’t see it, you are buried at sea.

So, I sit atop these rocks, longing to hear your voice in the crashing of the waves.

And I am left alone in this calm after your storm


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