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Q: Slow Clap 

We paid tribute to March madness this morning with our first “Maize Madness” this morning. The temperature was in the mid-thirties, cold and damp . . . as Fine Print said “like the day he was born, dark and wet”. After Warm-A-Rama, the guys had to guess the year March Madness started or run an extra mile. Luckily Gator guessed the year – 1939, so the PAX only ran a ½ mile. 

March Madness Workout:


  • 20 Side Straddle Hop IC
  • 15 Big Ones IC
  • 15 Tappy Taps IC
  • 10 IC Arm circles forward
  • 10 IC arm circles reverse
  • 10 IC Cherry Pickers


We ran a 1/3 of mile up the hill by the fire station back to the football field. 

March Madness Workout – A competition:

We counted off in 4s and broke up into 4 teams of 4. We had 16 men, so the break was perfect. We had four exercise stations:

  1. Station 1 – Arms (AMRAP)
  2. Station 2 – Stomach/Core (AMRAP)
  3. Station 3 – Legs (AMRAP)
  4. Station 4 – Cardio (Run from Station 3 back to Station 1 to push)

Station 1 – Arms AMRAP

  • Merkins
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Chuck Norris Merkins

Station 2 – Stomach AMRAP

  • LBCs 
  • Big Boys 
  • Box Cutters
  • Freddie Mercury’s

 Station 3 – Legs AMRAP

  • Squats 
  • Jump Squats
  • Bonnie Blairs

All four groups did over 2400 reps combined of arms, core, and legs across all the teams and Team 2 led by Vandelay did over 2,600. 

The Pax ran a 1/3 of a mile back up the hill again, by the fire station and back to the flag.

Finished with American Hammers. 

FNG’s: None 


Wentworth has an opportunity to serve at Heartland Hope on Saturday, March 26th. Check Slack for details.

April 2nd will be another Poker night to raise monies . . . Check with Mufasa or on Slack for additional details

Saturday, April 23rd will be the 4th year anniversary of F3 Omaha. To celebrate, F3 will have only one F3 gathering on that Saturday – all men are encouraged to come. Check slack for upcoming details. There will be no other workouts that morning. 

Fine Print’s 1 year anniversary coming to F3 – Congratulations! 

Prayer Requests:

Prayer for Fine Print’s job search. Prayer for the right opportunity to present itself.

Prayer for Tea Party’s job change and search also. Again, that he would have the right opportunity come along.

Prayer for my son Cole who is struggling with meth addiction. Pray for him to seek help and overcome. He is living in Portland. 


The final four is coming in Basketball and we all look forward to the final four of the March Madness. The tournament provides a diversion from the madness of this world. Truth is, we live in a world of that seems to becoming more and more crazy or mad.

We however have three virtues that I believe will help us deal with the madness of this life:  

  1. Faith 
  2. Hope, and 
  3. Love

Faith is being sure about what we believe in. What or who do you put your faith in?

Hope is an expectation of what is to come. What hope do you have in your life? Without hope, we become susceptible to despair.

Love is the greatest. It is the north star for how we act in words and deeds to others

Exhibiting these virtues will help us stand apart from the madness of this world and be a light to others who wonder why we have such hope. 

So what’s my hope and faith? It’s to follow Christ.  I’m reminded of what Christ said was the two greatest commandments:

  1. Love the Lord God with all your mind, heart and soul, and
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Slow Clap

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