March 23, 2022 | The Tope Rope – Privilege | Aldrich Elementary School

PAX: Doppler, DaKine, Wait Time, Bayside, BoVine, Thor, Stapler, Slapshot, Cheap Seats, Gator, Cataracts, Barn Door, Blanks, Big Unit, Roll Bar, Tug Boat, Chucky, Pantyhose, Nailed It!

Q: Truly

Weather: 35 F; wind around 20-25 MPH

Smurph group of about 7, including myself, and a cluster of pre-runners came marching in. Along with cars down piling into the parking lot. Grabbed my coupons needed for part of the workout, as well as my speakers. Dialed up my playlist and sprinted back to the PAX. Walked up to a pretty big group. Gator says “no pressure”. And actually, I did feel a little behind schedule from the start. But I was impressed by the size of the group for a pretty windy and chilly spring day.

Called 5:30am with about 10 seconds to spare before 5:31am!
Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, and disclaimer. We rolled down to the North basketball court protected by the trees and did some warmorama. Q’d up some Incubus “Dig”. Big stretch to the sky – swan dive down to touching of the toes – then walked our hands out into blank. Back up to where we started. Did that a second time. While in blank we transitioned into a pigeon stretch – right leg in, arms extended. Then left leg. Back up to our feet. Right arm stretch, left arm stretch. Right quad, Left quad. Full body stretch for what I planned to be a full body workout.

Let’s mosey! Hit up some Dr. Dre and took the Pax on a tree trail that went back to the East. Wind was out of the Northwest so I figured this would be a great place to get us moving. My main goal was to get the PAX to a hill that Blades of Glory introduced me to the week before. What I must not have remembered is that it’s a decent run to get there. Thus, we stopped about half way and did some leg exercises – air squat, bonnie blairs, and let everyone catch back up.

Continued on and found that hill…

Pre-Thang – Mountain of Merkins
10 Merkins at bottom of hill
Sprint up
20 Merkins at top of hill
Run down
30 Merkins at bottom of hill (this one kind of hurt)
Sprint up
20 Merkins at top of hill
Run down
Finished with 10 Merkins

Mosey back to shovel flags, and broke into groups of 3.

The Thang:
1 group assigned to dips (20) and derkins (20) using the bars outside the front entry of the school
Group 1 was the push group.
Group 2 did Murder Bunnies to about 40 feet and then back until pushed.
Group 3 did side shuffle on the SOUTH (I mistakenly said North during my explanation and guys like Chucky didn’t let me hear the end of it) side of the school.
All stations set up to hopefully be out of the gale force winds we were blessed with this fine Wednesday.
Everyone got through at least 1 rotation and the clock struck 6am.


6 M.O.M
I don’t think many noticed but the last song of the day was one of my favorites – Privilege by Incubus.
Called on DaKine for some Core. He requested American Stye Hammers and let us in a round of 15 I.C.
I think called on Thor and he asked for some heels to heaven, which he led.
Blanks got the last call and he put us back on our feet for 15 I.C. Imperial Walkers.
Back to our six for rotating Kobe Bryants’ (RIP to one of my favorite athletes and overall greats in the way he attacked his sport and wanted to be the best) to get us rounded out.

Prayer Requests – For Blades of Glory. I personally was very moved by Blade’s COT the previous week at Top Rope. And I continue to pray that the family he cherishes is back with him sooner rather than later.
For Scoober is about to undergo knee surgery. We all pray for a fast and speedy recovery.
Among other thoughts, prayers, and announcements.

COT: Privilege

Every time I show up to participate in an F3 workout, I feel privileged to do so. Even more so when I get the opportunity to lead or Q a workout. Lately with what’s going on in Ukraine, where another country is trying to own them and control them – and basically blowing up everything they love along the way – I’ve just been thinking a lot about how privileged I am.

I asked the PAX one by one to state something they are privileged to be, or to do, or to be a part of.

The answers varied and were all fantastic.

Whatever your “privilege” is… think about it. Cherish it. Work on it. And earn it.

See you in the Gloom,


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