“Fieldcrest Drive Loop”

PAX (23): Honey Stinger, Grease Fire, Icy Hot, Club Car, Blue Chip, Frosty, Tater Tot, Slow Pitchhhhaaa, Skipper, FireWalker, Smash Mouth, Arm Bar, LPC, Side Dish, Schrute, Ice T, Z-bo, Black Flag, Khakis RESPECT, Sparty, Dirty Bird, Black Lung

QIC: Ferdinand

Pre-Run: FireWalker, Tater Tot, Arm Bar, Z-bo, Smash Mouth, Black Flag, Ferdinand

Ferdinand welcomed the PAX and introduced himself, F3’s Mission, The Three Fs, 5 Core Principles, F3’s Credo, Disclaimer and asking if there are any FNGs. No FNGs.

The Thang: Fieldcrest Drive Loop

We left the shovel flags at 5:17 AM and headed North on Regency Pkwy to Westchester Dr. Took Westchester Dr. to Ascot Dr. Followed Ascot Dr. up the hill to Harney Pkwy N. Took Harney Pkwy N to Devonshire Dr. Followed Devonshire Dr. all the way around back up to Harney Pkwy N. Jumped on Harney Pkwy S to Fieldcrest Dr. We took Fieldcrest Dr. all the way down and around to Regency Pkwy. We jumped on Regency Pkwy and headed North back to the shovel flags!

We stopped every half mile and completed 10 merkins and 20 air squats!

We covered 3.7 miles!


Sarpy Slammers IC Rancid Style!

# Off/Name-o-rama/FNG/Announcements/Prayer Requests/COT/Prayer:

Announcements – The Rabbit Hole, 12in22, more to come in April on The Brick Builder event and other leadership changes within F3 Omaha

Prayer Requests – Smash Mouth’s M Meredith and her sister, Honey Stinger’s friends Maura and Mic, PAX traveling this weekend to Mortimer in NC, Paisley and ICBs family, and any unspoken prayer requests.

COT – Never forget where you came from. This is an excellent reminder for all of us as we take our journey through life. Some have been blessed to have had a wonderful journey so far, and most others had struggles, adversity, broken dreams, heartaches, and losses. No matter what our past has been, we ought to be thankful for the good things, and mindful of the struggles we’ve had. As our path turns into greener pastures, not forgetting our past struggles helps us empathize with those who are now going through that phase. It allows us to be kind and gentle to them. It is also important not to let our past define us. Use past experiences as a guide of what to do and what not to do. Do you have a great boss? Be like them! Do you have a terrible boss? Don’t be like them!

Prayer – Ferdinand took us out in prayer!



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