The Octagon


March 21, 2022// AO: The Octagon// 59 degrees with no wind – perfect conditions

PAX: (23)

Black Flag, Mahomes, Short Circuit, Golden Pike, Wentworth, Doug (FNG), Touche, Folsom, Tater Tot, Tugboat, Smashmouth, Slow Ptich, Patton (Respect), Keilbasa, Romeo, Beaver, Eddison, Roll Bar, Big Unit Khakis (Respect), Bubbles, Grilz, Ice T.

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The Pax were promptly welcomed at 5:30 am with the F3 core principles, mission statement, disclaimer and credo. One FNG was present – Doug

Mosey was commenced to the lower school parking lot for Warm-a-Rama.

SSH – 25 IC
Tappy Taps 25 IC
Big Ones 25 IC
Down Dog – 30 count

We then did a variety of plank positions while in a Warm- A – Rama circle consisting of straight arm plank, chilcut plank, right/left side plank, down dog and merkins.

We then proceeded to the parking lot where we counted off in groups of threes. Groups 1 and 2 ran to the north end of the parking lot where group 1 performed variation of merkins, group 2 pushed and group 3 performed variations of squats.

Omaha was called at 6:03. We then moved to the track infield. Quadriceps, hamstring and piriformis stretching was then performed by all PAX members. Some voiced displeasure at how tight different parts of their bodies seemed to be. American Hammers were then performed – Rancid style.

Our FNG – Doug was then welcomed to the group and named Sloppy Joe

Announcements and Prayers

Divorced Dads get together on Wednesday
Q school this Thursday – Battlefield
Heartland Hope this Saturday
Prayers for Christian


We all have reasons for liking F3 whether it be the workout, fellowship or other social activities. Very early on what stood out to me was that at every F3 pre run, workout, coffeeteria, or 2nd F activity I never felt like I was being judged according to my fitness level, political/religious beliefs or socio-economic status. I also felt like I was never judging anyone else. To me that is highly unusual and a welcome change from the real world. Can we take that mindset away from F3 and have it our everyday lives?



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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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