3/16/2022 – Paradise Island – Daily Red Pill

PAX: Gunner, U-Haul, Blue Chip, Rancid, Grease Fire, Frosty, Saul, LPC, Club Car, Black Lung, Ice T, Side Dish, Khakis (Respect), Vanadlay (Respect), Skipper, Dirty Bird, Icy Hot.

QIC: Invictus

0445 – Vandalay, Gunner, and Invictus gathered for the Pre-run and moseyed down the usual route. Black Lung met up with them just after the turn around. QIC broke off at Pacific St to meet the PAX rolling in at the shovel flags.

0515 – QIC kicked off the morning with the description of F3 – Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith; Five Core Principles – Free, Open to ALL Men, Always Outside, Lead in a rotating fashion, and Ends in a Circle of Trust. Credo – Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him. Mission of F3 is to Plant, Grow, and Serve small workouts groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. There were no FNG’s present, nonetheless, QIC noted he was not a fitness professional so the PAX should modify the workout as needed.

Short mosey to the regular parking lot for Warm-o-rama. QIC was without pockets and was cognizant about not dropping his phone and workout sheetlist.


20 SSH, 20 Cherry Pickers, 20 Windmills – all IC. Mosey to Station 1.

Station 1 – (parking lot south end of the lake)
15 Merkins
15 LBC’s
11 Bonnie Blairs

Station 2 – (by the dock)
20 Merkins
20 LBC’s
11 Bobby Hurley’s

Station 3 – (bottom of Hill)
20 Merkins
20 LBC’s
11 Apolo Ohno’s
11 Plank Jacks

Station 4 – (top of hill)
15 Merkins
15 LBC’s
22 Nolan Ryan’s (11 each side)
11 Plank Jacks

Station 5 – (regency parking lot)
15 Monkey Humpers

PAX then moseyed to Shovel Flags.

1 round of American Hammers (Rancid style). Recover.


Club Car’s M is recovering from a knee injury.
Rancid’s friend, Renaissance, his mom is recovering from a stroke. 
Invictus’ brother has started a new job.

Nugent Flag pass from Blue Chip to Grease Fire. Blue Chip talked about how Grease Fire helped him get through the run this morning and has been a great influence for him in the Clydesdales.


Continuing on the topic of “Get Right”, QIC talked about an athlete that inspired him during his rugby playing days. Jason Robinson is a former rugby player for England who experienced immediate success as a young professional rugby player which saw him get caught up in drugs and alcohol. He soon began to see his relationships with his teammates and family get strained to the point of being given an ultimatum; get clean or lose your rugby contract. Long story short, he got clean and relied on the support of his teammates and family to help him realize what is most important in life. He eventually became a Christian and won the Rugby World Cup with England in 2003. QIC concluded that this was a perfect example to him of a good “get-right” story.

QIC closed out the morning in prayer.

0615 – Q Source Discussion at Paradise Cafe led by Invictus.
– Daily Red Pill (Q1.1) – Have to turn Pro to avoid the sad clown syndrome.
– Icy Hot closed us in prayer.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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