March 19, 2022

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Workout: Don’t Forget Leg Day


PAX: Trench, Tony the Tiger, Feeny, KOA, Fun Dip, Baby Shark, Mortar, Ferdinand, Ear Tag, Shingles, Chernobyl (Q) + Jean-Claude & Firewalker (Mortimer Training and Name-O-Rama Crashing)


6:00​Opening & Warm-O-Rama


Chernobyl informed the group that today would be leg day. Him & the PAX mozy from shovel flags to the parking lot behind Papillion Middle School. We circled up and completed:


Quad Stretch – 10 seconds each leg

Hamstring Hangs – 20 seconds

Squated Butterfly – 10 seconds

Sun Gods – 10 each direction​

SSH – 15 IC.

6:10​Pre-Pre-Thang – I Thought This Was Leg Day


Chernobyl enjoys catching people off-guard (remember my VQ anyone), so instead of leg exercises we decided to do some arms. The PAX numbered off to 5 and broke up into the 5 stations.The push group rotated everyone forward so everyone could have a turn at ALL the exercises.

– Coupon Curls AMRAP

– Turnout Merkins AMRAP (Regular Merkin, but on the up, turn outwards and squeeze the outer pectoral for an extra burn. Switch sides on each repitition).

– Dive-Bomber Merkins AMRAP

– Face-Down Back Fly Holds AMRAP (Like a supeman without the leg lifts)

– Crawl Bears (Width of Field & Push Group)


6:17​Thang – Oh Yeah, Here It Is!


Chernobyl wrangled up the PAX for a quick mozy to the front of the Junior High and the bridge. The PAX was split into 2 teams. On each side of the bridge were a set of exercises. Each team would complete one full set of exercises (although Fun Dip and a few others were having difficulty following those directions and had to be reminded a number times), then begin their mozy up the bridge to the other side. Each time a team crossed the bridge they had to do 15 Monkey Humpers IC.


East Side – 40 1-1/2 Bulgarian Split Squats (20 EL), 20 Knee Jumps (start in a kneeling position and just from the knees to land on your feet) & 20 Jump Squats, 40 Pendulum Lunges (20 EL) (One forward stepping lunge immediately followed by a back stepping lunge on the same leg), 40 Pistol Squats (20 EL)


West Side (Arms) – 40 Single Leg Cross Jumps IC (20 EL), 30 5-second Glute Bridge Holds, 40 Single Leg Tempo Glute Bridge (20 EL), 40 Fire Hydrants (20 EL)


Chernobyl called Omaha around 6:47 (plus or minus a few seconds) and we mozied back to the Shovel Flags. The PAX decided to help Chernobyl out and carry the coupons back to the Shovel Flags for some extra arm burn since their legs were toasted at that point.


6:47​Mary’s – Abominable Abdominals


Chernobyl was planning for a longer Mary but ran out of time, so we experienced his new Mary exercise…Volkswagen’s (pronounced Volks-vagens with a particular german accent).


Starting in a lying position facing up, create a V with your body by lifting the upper and lower parts and touching your toes. Then spell a W with the lower half. This completes one rep. The PAX did 15 reps.


6:55 Name-O-Rama


6:57 COT


Chernobyl shared his message BRIDGING THE GAP to excellence. He mentioned that after watching the NCAA Basketball tournament and seeing all these upsets, how is it possible that many of the non-power conference teams are able to hang with the notorious power houses. Chernobyl considered it may be due to their concentration to MASTERING the fundamentals rather than worrying about all the extra hype plays and alley-oops. Being as efficient as possible in scoring the ball and defending the score will prove the winning team, not necessarily the way it which they are scored. Many of the upset teams have 3 point shooting mind sets which is a more efficient way of scoring that points in the paint. Being flexible and not forcing the ball inside and sometimes taking what the defense gives you is the most efficient mind set. And when the game is getting tough, remembering the practices you had and having more tenacity than the other team will pay off dividends. 


So get back to the basics, master them, and slowly improve your abilities rather than trying to be flashy or what others expect you to be.


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