“Impact Your Present”

Total # of PAX: 20 

QIC: Skidz 

0445 sMurph PAX: Pit Stop, ICB, EarTag, Chippendale, Duracell, Escobar, Fun Dip, Skidz 

0500 PreRun PAX: None 

0500 PreRuck PAX: None 

0530 Beatdown PAX: Fun Dip, Painkiller, Gump, Bayside, Duracell, Chippendale, Travelocity, Grease Fire, Goose, Mulch, ICB, Pit Stop, Pea Soup, GirlDad, EarTag, Motown (Respect), VeggieTales, Sup, Escobar, Skidz 

Skidz welcomed the Pax at 0530 sharp. Skidz was befuddled at the amazing turnout obviously due to the weather and not the QIC. Skidz asked the HIMs to grab whatever coupons were available and to mosey over to the speaker blasting jock jams or whatever terrible preselected apple playlist Skidz had already started during the sMurph. Skidz became nervous due to turnout and the lack of 20 coupons (despite a preblast on twitter and sarpy whatsapp!). 

Skidz went on to cover the 5 core principles of F3. No, Skidz most definitely didn’t do that. 

Warm-a-rama: As Warmarama started, during SSH, GreaseFire coach-yelled at Skidz, several statements like “why are we here”, “what are we doing”, and other nonsense that Skidz’z sleep deprived, jet lagged, fasting brain post sMurph could definitely not understand. I believe Skidz yelled back “to workout” and “I don’t know what you are talking about!!!!”. 

Skidz then recalled, after further Escobar s@#$ talk, oh yeah we have the 5 principles of the F. 

As we did Abe Vigodas, Skidz tried to, in cadence, yell out the 5 F’s. He was fairly successful, somehow. 

1)Al -ways – Free. 2) Always – held -outdoors. 3) Rotated Q – among – PAX 4) Ends – with – aCOT 5) Opento – ALL – men. 

After we got through that we did some Sun Gods forward and reverse and then got on with it. 

Pre-Thang: Coupon workout with a deck of cards. Work our way around the circle of PAX drawing a card. (PAX drawing determines multiplication of number to do…IE draw a 3 of clubs, PAX drawing decides 3, 6, 9, etc.). Clubs: Coupon Curls. Spades: Overhead press A—(Raise the Roofs). Diamonds: Goblet Squat (A—air squat). Hearts: Coupon Jump Overs (A—Apollo Ohno). Joker: Blockees (A—Squat Thruster). Too many PAX, resulted in cards to every other man. This sort of worked, just a slow deployment of cards. Remember, always keep that heart rate up! Kind of failed here for a few minutes. 

Of course, this Q didn’t anticipate the amazing showing for his talents (or maybe just the weather), and didn’t have enough extra coupons. He lent Chippendale his coupon and Painkiller his boosted, music pumping speaker. YHC got to do most of the coupon workout alternative Bruiser Cruiser™ approved style. 

Once we got around the circle, we left our coupons and moseyed over to the F3 parking lot area, as designated by the light and the sign. (see preblast video if so inclined for specific GPS located spot). 

Pre-Thang 2: 4 Square Merkin. Skidz learned this from DMinus, some 18 year old (HATE) PAX from @F3KANSASCITY. 4 men (can work with 3 too) get in a square. Legs of each man are on the man next to his back. Lying flat on ground. Once square is formed successfully after much confusion, we did 2 sets of 10 pushups. As the pushups get harder, you push more on your legs, which pushes on the PAX next to you back. We did this in KC on nice soft grass, and YHC didn’t think of the hard asphalt turning these into abusive pickle smashers. You live you learn. We moved on to the next thing. 

Alternate would have been– Planks, could do in a group of 3-4 if need be in 4-square merkin method just no merkin movement). But, everyone wanted some 4 square action, and we had an even number (GREAT SUCCESS!!!) 

The Thang: PAX then left the F3 sign and mosey over to the picnic tables on South side of the parking lot. PAX paired up. If you are a Bruiser ™ pair up with another Bruiser ™. 

While one PAX starts doing exercise 1 at tables, the second PAX moseys to the large stone blocks in front of the Bob Gibson statue. 

Tables: Exercises (until partner push): Picnic Table Merkin, Derkins, Table Top Merkins. A—plank or standard/varied merkins. AMRAP. 

Quick MOSEY between each site. 

Bob Gibson Blocks: Exercises: 10 Step Ups, 10 Dips, 5 Box Jumps. A—SSH, Bobby Hurley, Air Squats). AMRAP. 

This actually went off pretty well and without most of a hitch. Remember to always redeem yourself at the end of the workout with a nice grinder if you are experimenting on the front end. #SkidzSkillz 

OMAHA was called by YHC around 0600 and we moseyed back to where we left the coupons for Mary. 

Mary: We threw down some random called out Mary and ended with Sarpy Slammers. 

Name-a-rama was completed with 20 HIMs and no FNGs present. YHC probably wouldn’t have known anyways if we had any since we accidentally skipped that even though about 5 HIMs had come out of the winter hibernation due to amazing temps. 

Announcements/Prayer Requests: 

· PitStop M for a full remission report and winding down cancer treatments 

· ICB for continued healing for Paisley 

· Squeaky Clean for continued prayers for work colleague tragedy 

· Heartland Hope needs additional volunteers for this weekend 9-12p food drive 

· 4/2 Poker Tournament benefiting LLS and F3Foundation @ Carson Wealth/JE Dunn HQ 

· Additional prayers from PAX unsaid 

COT: From a book I’m reading titled “How to Change Your Mind”, by Michael Pollen. 

“Our task in life consists precisely in a form of letting go of fear and expectations, an attempt to purely give oneself to the impact of the present.” Continue to live in the present with your family, friends, coworkers, community! 

YHC took us out in prayer. 



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