Oracle 3.19.22

AO:     Oracle 7 am

March 19, 2022

Weather:  Clear, Cool and Invigorating (32 F)

PAX (11): Q-Tip (Respect Respect), Vandelay (Respect), Skipper, Cheapseats, Poseidon, Spacebar, Greenhouse, Hey Hey, Doppler, Tug Boat

Q: Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird gathered the PAX at 7:00.  Dirty Bird welcomed all for his second Q at Oracle, but first at Boys Town.  He recited the five core principles and laid out the F3 Mission Statement which is “to plant, grow and serve small workouts to invigorate male community leadership.” 


Mosey down Heroes Blvd.  To the parking lot:

SSH                             15 IC

Sun Gods                    10 IC/ 10 IC

Tempo Merkins           10 IC

Alt shoulder Taps        10 IC

Plank Jacks                 10 IC

Windmills                   10 IC


The PAX lined up and did a series of workouts for a length of 20 yards.

Alternating Lunges

Butt Kickers

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

High Knees

Broad Jump

The PAX then moseyed back to the shovel flags and beyond to find the baseball diamond for a beatdown.


This baseball themed beatdown consisted of a 7 of Diamonds beatdown.  Each exercise was done at each base.  Swinging at the first pitch, the PAX started with Burpees:

7- Burpees

14- Flutterkicks IC

21- Merkins

28- Airsquats

21- Big Boys

14- Chuck Norris

7- Apollo Ohno IC

Dirty Bird then realized his planned workout fell short of the required full hour that the Oracle beatdown demands.  The PAX did a chain run with the last man in the line doing 2 burpees before he ran ran to the front.  The PAX navigated the front lawn of Boys Town during an immaculate sunrise.  The run ended at the shovel flags.


Strike zone (box) cutters-  15 IC

Nolan Ryans- 10 each side

American hammers- Rancid

Announcements/ Prayer requests

The PAX offered announcements and prayers.

Circle of Trust

Dirty Bird went into the Circle of Trust:

I am a planner.  I constantly look to the future.  I remember a number of times where I was freezing on a beat down in January and February, just looking forward to a warmer morning.   A more comfortable experience.  Looking to the next better thing.

As I get older, I am realizing that looking forward constantly may end up missing the good things right in front of me.  When I was planning this beat down, I knew I wanted to focus on being present.  Coincidentally, or maybe not coincidentally, I came across this devotion this week that was spot on.  So, I would like to share this as my COT

We give thanks for our existence; we recognize that we rely on forces beyond our understanding. We trust what this life brings: we trust ourselves, we trust our friends, we trust our families, we trust life, we trust the universe. We release our past to the past, we release our future to the future, we accept our present. We give up our cares and fears. We abandon our illusions of control. We acknowledge our complete dependence on providence. We relinquish our apprehension. We rely on that which we do not understand. We have faith. We have courage. Keep us from all fear today. Open our hearts to the gift of this moment, and bind us to the great unknown through complete trust. Assist us in forming a loving image of the ultimate mystery, to have faith, and the courage to give ourselves hope.

Dirty Bird thanked all of those who posted and provided the gift of this moment.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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