Wednesday, March 16, 2022 @ Halleck Park

PAX (11-AO Record!!!): Lite Brite, Speed Square, Girl Dad, Double Dip, Hard Hat, Ditty, Lasso, Nelly, Duracell, Shingles, Swiper

Q: Swiper

Weather: 37 degrees, feels like 31, 79% humidity, 7.3 mi/h wind from S.

COT – Great job on an AO record of 11 guys in attendance. Great job getting out and pushing yourselves to get better on a cold, wet morning. Special call out to those individuals who completed their first ever Apex: Shingles, Nelly, Girl Dad and Lasso. Swiper talked about the importance of connecting with guys at F3, and EH’ing is not only for getting new guys out, but is also important for connecting with guys who have not posted in a long time or have fallen off. So Swiper borrowed his COT from U-Haul a bit and asked each guy to think about 1 guy they have not seen in a while, and asked that each Pax reach out to that guy before noon today. Then I went around the circle and asked each Pax to say out loud who the guy he was thinking about and then I asked that he is going to reach out to that guy today. The goal should be to check in on that guy, she how he is doing and see if you can get him to commit to coming out to a workout. I led them out in prayer.

Saturday, March 19, 2022 @ Cottonwood Elementary

PAX (7): Armbar, Smashmouth, Wentworth, Rollbar, Irish Car Bomb, Betamax, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

COT – There’s not much better than having a 2-mile run at the end of a workout to think about your COT. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten consumed by some challenges that many would consider fitness challenges, and I thought so as well when I started them. As I’ve gone through these though, I’ve really grown in the third F, and more specifically by serving others. It kind of started with the 4x4x48 challenge, which I was planning on doing regardless of getting involved with a charity. After thinking about helping out Imagine Inclusion and asking them if they’d be ok with us helping raise some money (who am I kidding, would they really say no?), I got really excited about helping them. They were extremely grateful immediately, and that filled me with joy. That joy began to rub off on my wife and kids, because I must have been more pleasant to be around. I’m also doing the 75 Hard challenge which has me reading daily, and through this I’ve been thinking of others much more and have been finding more ways to help serve others. It’s also pushed me to finish Freed to Lead, which took me way too long to finish. Although in there Dredd says to not get out of your comfort zone (the part about D2X), I had to get out of my comfort zone with these challenges, which have helped me grow in ways that I did not expect. Take on challenges, because you never know how they’ll help you grow. If you don’t think you have time for a challenge, that’s part of the challenge. Figure out how to work it in.

End of Month APEX notes: Prior to March, only 4 PAX have earned the APEX patch (Hard Hat, Khakis, Griswold, and Lite Brite). March saw no new APEX patch earners, but Lite Brite crushed 4 of his PRs and has earned the “Beast” patch! We have 10 PAX that are 1 test away from earning the APEX patch. We had 6 first time APEXers this month. Cottonwood Elementary was a new host site, and shows promise for future APEXs, maybe a Murph, or more.

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