AO:  Oracle | March 19th,  2022 | 33deg, pretty comfortable

PAX:  Wait Time ( Respect ),  Khakis ( Respect ), Sister Act, Cheap Seats, Cataracts, Hei Hei, Outhouse, Plague, Bubbles, Slow Piiiiiiiittchhaaa, Ice T, Poseidon, Vandelay ( Respect ), Panty Hose, Stitches, House Party, Mulligan ( Respect ), Da Vinci ( Respect x2 ), FNG Diesel, Griswold

QIC:  Griswold

Showed up around 5:30 to get some setup in.  Healthy group of pre-runners, nice job dudes.

6am – Welcomed everyone to the Oracel, gave mission statement, 5 core principles and warning that I’m not a professional.  1 FNG today!

6:02am – Headed south to football field for Warm o Rama and Prethang.

WoR – 15 IC SSH, 15IC Tappy Taps, 15IC big ones, 10 IC Sun gods F&R, 15 IC Cherry pickers

Pre-thang: Moseyed southeast to football field. 2 man grinder mile.  Bubbles was upset about my math here but we smoothed it out later and he’s no longer made at me.  Anyway, partner up.  One guy run a lap, other does monkey humpers AMRAP until relieved. Then switch.  We ended up all running 3 laps but last lap we did squats instead of monkey humpers.

Thang 1:  Moseyed West to practice fooball field for a 4 station grinder. 

Group 1 – 50 Merkins ( push group )

Group 2 – Lower Body:  Squats, Bonnie Blairs, Monkey Humpers. ( AMRAP until relieved )

Group 3 – Upper Body:  Werkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins.  ( AMRAP until relieved )

Group 4 – Core: big boys, low dollies, gas pumpers. ( AMRAP until relieved )

Got through 2 rounds of this before first Omaha was called.

Moseyed North to shovel flags for Thang 2

Thang 2:  Coupon work.  What I had planned for didn’t come to fruition but we modified on the fly. 

Partner up – One guy runs down 25yds and back until other guy finishes the exercises.

Coupon Exercises:  20 Thruster, 10 Blockees, 21’s

6:47am – Final Omaha Called.

Announcements and Prayer Requests:  Oracle merch on slack and twitter, 12 in 21 with Yogi this weekend, Ice T afghan and Ukraine families to help.  Reach out if interested.

CoT: Talked about how jiu jitsu destroyed my ego a long time ago and it was amazing because it opened my eyes up to how many people around me use their time and effort to help me along with my journey and how that correlates with F3 as well.  2nd F is really what keeps everyone from coming back out.  Sure the workouts are fun and it’s great to grind a tough one out with some guys but all the mumble chatter is what makes it special.  And what comes from that is wanting to help your fellow brothers excel in everything.  That’s why I shared a quote I save on my phone that I will look at regularly if I’m frustrated or having a hard time with something. 

“As they say on my own cape cod, a rising tide lifts all the boats. And a partnership, by definition serves both partners, without domination or unfair advantage.  Together we have been partners in adversity, let us also be partners in prosperity.”

That’s all I had today.  Was awesome to finally get to Q the OG Oracle site.

Appreciate the support for me, for Cheap Seats and the Oracle AO.

Cheap Seats led us out in prayer.



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