DATE: 3.18.22
AO: The Woodshed
Q: Your man Hoser

8 PAX: Merit Badge, American Picker, Gunner, Rancid, Golden Pike, Jeeves, Bovine, Hoser

It was a chilly raining morning at the Woodshed.  It has been said that it was a day like this when the GLOOM was aptly named.  The mumble chatter picked up early with calls for audibles, winter quarters, and dreams of fart sacking. The only way to end this kind of insubordination is with a proper beatdown. 

INTRODUCTION of the Q, mission, credo, and 5 core principles.  No FNG’s present. 

QUICK MOSEY to the pavilion, where the Q rambled on about glory days, strange happenings in the park, and some late night encounters.

SSH, Tappy Taps, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Monkey Humpers, and Pick Pushers.

The Q shared a humble story of a recent life saving award he received, no big deal, from a CPR save he and his crew made on 7.21.21.  We moseyed to the spot where a runner had collapsed during a 10k.  To commemorate this day we practiced a little CPR of our own.  20 Merkins/2 Squats, 18 Merkins/4 Squats … 2 Merkins/20 Squats. 

That concluded the rainy outdoor portion of the beatdown.  The Q called an audible and the PAX moseyed to the UNO parking garage for the Thang.


We partnered up for a 4 station beatdown. 

Carolina Dry Docks/Chicken Peckers. Derkins/Dips. Box Jumps/Step Ups. Big Boys/Dead Bugs.  Rinse and repeat for 2 full rounds until the pax were begging for those magic words, OMAHA!

We kept our butts dry with 2 loops around the circle Rancid-style hammers in the parking garage.  Back out into the gloom for a mosey to the shovel flags. 

Northstar has an event coming up and there is a Heartland Hope volunteer coming up as well. Check the 3rd F slack channel. Jeeves shared a prayer request.


I’ve moved and been to more schools than most military children.  3 grade schools, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools.  But, when it came time for me to make my own choices, I stuck with one school, UNO.  I loved college so much I decided to stay 5 years.  This school and park became my home, and I came into my own.  I thought I’d peaked in life.  This location is still a part of me, I respond to the area at work, I’ve been to wedding and birthday parties in this park, fundraisers at the golf course.  I’ve continued to better myself through finding a wonderful wife, having kids, finding not one but two careers that are fulfilling to me, and F3 to hold me accountable and give me new perspective.  I’m choosing to continue to better myself and to excel.  What are you doing to not peak, how can you excel. 

PRAYER: Thank you to Gunner for bringing the circle together for a quick prayer and support of Jeeves. 

6:20: Coffeteria

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