AO: The Oracle
Date: 3/12/2022
Q: Tonight Show
Pax: Lansbury, Vandelay, Honeymaid, Black Flag, Blue Chip, Red Ranger, Pot Hole, Hei Hei, Truly, House Party, Slow Pitch, Tonight Show
Count: 12

Conditions were cool.  Clear skies, no breeze, and 9 degrees.  Yes, it was cold.

YHC welcomed 11 other Pax to the early morning gloom of The Oracle.  Today was marked my return to the OG Oracle for the first time in over 2 years since the start of the pandemic and the launch of Dragons Lair in Gretna.  I missed those DL brothers but it was GREAT to be back at the Oracle.  Having been away for so long and having some great memories of workouts at this AO YHC knew he would have to dig into some past workouts to relive some memories.  Would it be my VQ, a Best of hodgepodge, Christmas beat down, or the return of killer bunnies?  One of my favorites was the Co-Q YHC did with The Plague for his VQ.  This is easily in my top 5 beatdowns and I was thrilled to do updated IT certifications.  YHC greatly wished this would have been with the Plague but didn’t know when I would Q at Oracle again so had to take advantage of the time. (Next time brother!)

This mission statement was administered as well as the disclaimer.  Only grizzled veterans were present today so we were off to the parking lot by the farmers market for WaR.


  • SSH * 10 IC
  • Sun Gods * 10 IC (forward and backward)
  • Tappy Taps * 10 IC
  • Tater Taps * 10 IC
  • Abe Vigoda * 10 IC (Yes the real one, not the one in the Exicon)
  • Burpees * 5


Pax began the journey back to the hill.  We stopped by the lake for the first certification.  The Certified Information Security Manager (C-ISM)
I – Iron Hulk (1 merkin to 4 IC air presses) 5 rounds
S – Snuffy * 15 IC (This was a nod to The Plague for sure)
M- Monkey Humpers * 15 IC

Mosey continued to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill where we tackled the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).  This one is hard to do so of course Pax needed a partner to help study and pass. 

Note: This was a repeat certification for the first edition but sometimes you need continuing ed and I love so…

Partner 1 at bottom of the hill:
M – Merkins * 25
C – Carolina Dry Docks * 25
S – Sphynx Merkins * 25 (This was a #crowdpleaser and was definitely hard)
E – Everest up the hill

After each exercise run up the hill to relieve your partner.

Partner 2 at top of the hill completed a dealers choice core exercise.

Pax completely nearly 2 full rounds before it was time to head back.  Slow Pitch REALLY wanted to complete that final Everest up the hill but was forced to return.

So the mosey back to the Shovel Flag began.  YHC noticed the Ruck crew on the road coming back in also and never being the one to pass up an opportunity we stopped 20 yards in front of them and knocked out some monkey humpers for good measure.

The mosey continued where all pax stopped at the baseball field to gain an easier certification that tests baseline knowledge.  The Comp TIA A+

C – Crunch Frogs * 15
T – Tempo Merkins * 15
I – Imperial Squat Walkers * 15
A – Alternating Shoulder Taps * 15

The mosey resumed to the wall of the field house where all Pax were fully educated and ready for their Masters in Digital Health. (MDH)

M – Merkins * 15 IC
D – Dirty Hook up * 15 IC
H – Monkey Humpers * 15 IC

Having been fully educated and now possessing accredited Masters Degrees these students were ready to become IT Professionals and take their place saving the world one computer at a time.

We returned to the flag for 6 MoM.


  • E2K * 15 IC
  • Gas pumpers * 15 IC
  • Cindy Crawfords * 15IC each side


  • Check Slack for announcements.  There are so many these days it’s hard to keep track.
  • Prayers for Hei Hei’s friend that has a child in the NICU for a few days after being born prematurely.

YHC has been reading a book called Great by Choice.  It is an incredible read which looks at companies in the same industry that succeed despite the circumstances while others in the same industry with the same challenges and opportunities failed.  The companies didn’t just survive in tough times they thrived and were called 10X companies.  The likes of Microsoft and Southwest were examples.  Among the many qualities the things that stuck with YHC were the companies that survived practiced something called “Productive Paranoia”.  This is not the kind of paranoia that drives you to the basement in a tinfoil hat (the government might be watching you).  It’s a healthy look at the company and the business landscape and asking “What if”.  What if the market changes, what if customers leave, what if there are emerging opportunities?  This lead the 10X companies to maintain margins even during flush times.  They took risks, but they took fewer than the companies that failed.  They spent capital but less than the companies that failed.  When the tides turned these companies had reserves that allowed them to weather turbulent business where their peers failed because they had a debt that now exceeded their incomes.

This caused YHC to think about my family and if I was practicing this in my personal life.  If I were laid off could my family stay in our house or would we now have to sell?  If my 2.0 needed braces or an emergency surgery how would we survive that? This was really healthy to think about weathering a storm in multiple aspects of my personal life and YHC encouraged all the pax to try doing the same thing.

Slow Pitch took us out in prayer and it was time to tackle the weekend.  But not before a great cup of coffee with some great brothers.

Always proud to be part of this group!
Tonight Show

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