March 16, 2022-  

Top Rope: Stay the Course….

21 PAX  Barn Door, Obi Wan, Slap Shoot, Chucky, Cheap seats, Doppler, Pantyhose, Z-boy, cataracts, Therbear, Gator, RollBar, Kill Switch, Bovine, Stapler, Mr. Miyagi, Slick, Truely, Superfly, Hoser, Blades of Glory,

Q:  Blades of Glory

Temperature: 38-40, some Pax even wore shorts… oh rebels…

5:29:30  Blades jumped the gun since everyone was ready to go and started the spiel,  3 F’s meaning, F3, Mission, 5 principles, made sure there wasn’t an FNG if so he would of explained more the 5 core principles ,Not professional, leave no man…,

Warma Rama

Did 10 of each SSH, High Knees, Butt Kick, Pigeon, 5 inch worms

Blades checked his watch only 3 min had gone by.  Wow okay.  Let’s move on….

Then went on a mosey… to the West wall of the Aldrich school where we did some Wall sits, did 30 count, then 10 count with each leg up (right leg then left leg 10 count),  Then Blades of Glory wanted to try something he saw on the crossfit open.  Doing a Merkin and then walking up to balls on the wall and then back down.  Tried I.C. but counted way too fast or Blades was way too slow.  It was interesting and maybe we will see it again.  Then We did a 30 Count of BTTW.

Then went on a mosey …..over into barrington park path, turned right east  and made it to the playground.  Blades of Glory had an idea but not sure how well it would be implemented.  

PAX counted off into 4 groups.  Each # of the same number grouped together and lined up.  The Group did monkey humpers while the person at the front of the line tried to do as many pull ups as possible (overhand Grip). Then once they made it to the other side (of pull ups)  they would do Air Squats until everyone was done with pull ups.  Then they went back to do as many possible full range (Under hand grip) pull ups as possible. Modified as needed and encouraged to just hang out for a 10 to 15 sec count .  There was lots of mumble chatter but I think everyone got 2 chances with the pull up bar.  With interest running low at this station… Blades Called Omaha….. (for this event).

Then went on a mosey…  Continued East on the trail to an open field…

When we made it to the field we lined up at one end and had a light on the other end to know where to stop.  (That’s the point of the other end). 

We did 4 Big Jumps (Leap Frogs) and then 2 Burpees (down and back)

2nd time we Did walking Lunges down (and some made it back before Second OMAHA was called.

Then went on a mosey….  Continued  East on the trail until we made it back to the commercial district and found a parking lot.  

This was a bust but still interesting…. Blades of Glory thought there was a progressive or Geico commercial with a guy doing workout moves repeating the word Save, over and over while being on all 4 and lifting the back leg (think of a dog relieving itself on a fire hydrant)… yeah like that…   Well while doing the back blast he did his research (after the fact) and found out it was Turbo tax and the word is Free not Save.. Yeah… here is the link

  But back to the workout…

Did 15  Fire Hydrants (this is not the official name because again Blades was too lazy to try to find the correct wording in the lexicon) IC both sides…    (there were no puddles left in the parking lot)  Hey and like F3 it’s Free.  NOT Save…. 

Then went on a mosey…… down the hill toward the school.  But first we had one more beat down to do with some beats (music).  That was supposed to be the thang.  But Pax had limited time so this was cut short. 

10 Burpees

10 Air Squats

10 Merkins

10 Big Boys   


Did this maybe only 7 min due to time management issues but learning to get better.  Jammed out to 2 songs until Pandora played a commercial.  Great transition to move on.

Then went on a mosey… Down the hill to the shuffle flags…

3 Min of Mary

There we did Spider Man 15 IC each side and finished with American Hammer Rancid Style (21).  


Heartland of Hope March 26, there is a link that you cant currently sign up for, said Kill Switch so just DM Killswitch.

D3 Next Wednesday night (March 23, 5:30) @  Nebraska Realty office hit up Blades of Glory or Doppler for more info… 

Which led nicely to C.O.T.

Blades of glory vented about how it’s been so long since he has seen his kids and the pain of it.  sky Q must or arranged for a lunch with someone who went through the same thing 12 years ago, who chose, let’s just say a different route then what blades is going trying to do.  

 But I can only control myself… I have made many decisions to better myself and make steps in the right direction, no alcohol, no gaming, very limited social media, then adding positives, journal, reading, meditation, and surrounding myself with those who want to better themselves as well. F3 is a life saver for me.  F3 is currently my  family.  People I look forward to seeing everyday.   So with that he thanked everyone who was there and that they didn’t leave Blades of Glory high and dry like Muffasa did on Tuesday with only 1 other PAX member.

Prayer:  Doppler 

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