The Main Stage – Because Thomas Said So!

March 16th, 2022

AO: Millard South High School

40 degrees, slight wind and clear skies

PAX: Convoy, Wait Time (Respect), Band Camp, Baby Shoes, T-Ball, Crab Cakes, Vlasik (Respect), Sister Act, FDIC, Decleated, Mufasa, Beaver, Lincoln Logs (Respect Respect)

YHC — Thomas

With the date being 3-16, the first theme to pop into my head for the workout was John 3:16, but that seemed more suited to the COT.  For the beatdown, I recalled Austin 3:16 from the WWE and with Millard South being so dominant in wrestling, I decided that would be the theme for the workout.

I arrived to the parking lot around 5:15 and there were just a few cars in the lot, a smaller group for the pre-run this week.  I was hoping a few more would show up for the workout planned, and the PAX continually rolled in leading up to 5:30.  There was good mumblechatter with the nice morning and at 5:30 sharp I introduced myself to the other 13 PAX, shared the mission, core principles, credo, disclaimer and my standard workout wrinkle with the train whistle.  And we were off.


We moseyed down to the field and around the track to the north end where we circled up.

Side Straddle Hops – 15 IC

Tappy Taps – 15 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC forward and backward

Cherry Pickers — 20 IC

At this point I asked the PAX to partner up for the pre-thang.


We did a set of 11s, starting on the end zone line and running to the 20 yd line.  We started with 10 merkins, ran to the 20 and did a single air squat, and proceeded back and forth till we were at 1 merkins and 10 air squats.

The Thang:  The theme of the beatdown was a Tag Team Main Event with deuces wild.  We split into two teams and I shared the workout in the ring at the 50 yard line.

There were two decks of cards in the ring, one deck for each team.  One member of each team would flip the top card on their deck and do however many burpees from the value of the card (Aces were 1, face cards 10).  If the member drew a deuce the opposing team had to sprint to the end line and back.

While the member of the team was doing burpees, the remaining team members were doing AMRAP of the following exercises, moving on to the next exercise with each tag team switch.

  1. Copperhead Squats
  2. Merkins
  3. Big Boys
  4. Monkey Humpers
  5. Carolina Dry Docks
  6. Flutter Kicks
  7. Bobby Hurleys
  8. Alternating Shoulder Taps
  9. Frozen Freddies
  10. Apollo Ohnos
  11. Seal Claps
  12. Low Dollys

We made it through nearly 3 full rounds and Omaha was called.


The PAX circled up on their six for Mary:

LBCs – 20 IC

Heals to Heaven – 15 IC

Heal Touches – 20 IC

American Hammers (Rancid Style)- 14


Respect Pop Up at Paradise on Thursday.  Prayers for Cheap Seat’s mom for a recent surgery.  Prayers for the family of the local teen who died in a tragic accident and prayers for the young man and his family and friends who has been charged in the incident.


This past weekend I was in South Dakota for the funeral of my Grandma.  I’ve been blessed to have had all my grandparents still alive as I’ve reached middle age and one great benefit of having grandparents alive into my mid-life has been a growing appreciation and recognition for my grandparents that I didn’t have in my youth.  When I was younger it was about being spoiled with ice cream or going fishing, but seeing the character and love from my grandparents has been something that I’m in awe of as I’ve grown older.

In particular with my Grandpa.  Four years ago I lost my mother to cancer, and my Grandpa was by her side every day, just holding her hand and providing comfort in her final weeks.  This was his daughter-in-law, yet the love and compassion he showed my mom really registered with me.  Similarly, these last few weeks while my Grandma battled cancer, he was again right by her side throughout.

My Grandma was 86 and had lived a good life, and I had opportunities to spend time with her over the years, including recently, so while sad, I knew she was in a better place.  But seeing my Grandpa break down, and the love that he had for her, really hit me hard.  In F3 we talk about leaving a legacy, and my Grandpa has set a high bar that I can only hope to strive for.

So while in my pre-blast and the beatdown I referenced Austin 3:16, this story of love really registers with John 3:16.  For God so loved the world that he gave his only son so that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

As great as my Grandpa’s love is for his family, it still pales in comparison to the love that God has for us.  I hope that everyone that reads this has a personal relationship with the Lord, but if you don’t, please know that the Lord loves you as well.

With that, I took us out in prayer.



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