DATE: 2022-03-16
AO: Heavy-Metal
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: Q-Tip, Wentworth, Patton, Polaroid, Toadstool, Stitches, Relish, Tin Cup, Demogorgon, Stella, Folsom, Spacebar, bloodshot, Beta Max, Doll Face FNGs: None
It was pretty nice out for the gloom. Not much wind. A little chilly but still warm enough to only need one layer.

Pre-runners: Stella, GP
Pre-ruckers: Q-Tip, Wentworth, Beta Max, Spacebar

Bring sally up, bring sally down.

Moseyed to the area of the road by the parking garage just north of the playground. We did 20 monkey humpers, 20 pickle-pushers and 20 oh yeahs right in the road by Genesis.

Moseyed back to the playground and we did
10 curls, 10 overhead press, 10 kettlebell swings, then we switched weights with someone and rinse and repeat

We then farmer-carried/rifle-carried the weights to the benches and did 20 dips IC, 20 step-ups OYO and 20 derkins OYO.

Farmer-carried/rifle-carried back to the playground.

10 bent over rows, 10 jerk and lift to press, 10 arnold press and then switched with partner and rinsed and repeated.

Farmer-carried/rifle-carried to the stage.

10 chest-fly, 10 Ben Affleck, 10 skull crusher and switched with partner and then rinsed and repeated

Farmer carried/rifle carried to the obelisk (I call it the Big Peen) and we did 20 Aussie MCs, 20 wall sit and weight punch, 10 Aussie derkins.

Farmer carried/rifle carried to playground again.

Rancid-style hammers.

Northstar has an event coming up and there is a Heartland Hope volunteer coming up as well. Check the 3rd F slack channel.


I mentioned today is my 37th birthday and interestingly enough this is the same age Chris Gradoville was when he was taken from us. I didn’t know Chris all that well, but I knew he had a huge impact on those around him here in F3 Omaha and outside of F3. I know it was a shock to me that someone as young as Chris was could be taken from us so early. It really made me reflect on my own life and what matters.

With so many years behind me, I also have so many years ahead of me and to think about how I’m already almost to my “mid-life”. I have so many things that I’ve done but so much more that I’ve left undone.

But what’s been great about F3 is that the HIM have made me not actually give a shit about those things as much. Age is just a number. It’s a mindset. Q-Tip is 67 years old and he’s more fit than most 67 year olds I know. Wait Time has also mentioned how we’re thinking about aging differently now.

My point is that my age isn’t a reflection about where I am in life. My age doesn’t reflect my impact or my level of fitness. I know people in their 20s who are (for lack of a better word) pathetic and sit on the sidelines of their own life. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines. That’s the mindset. It’s how you tackle your life. That’s what matters more than your age. It’s the impact you have and what you instill in those around you. Age doesn’t matter.

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