Warm O rama

Run to the top of the Hill

16 Side straddle hop

16 tappy taps

8 Big ones (ended up doing 12)

10 Cherry Pickers

Pre thing

Partner up

Up the hill 

Wheelbarrows do 8 merkins 8 squats

Down the hill 

Wheelbarrows do 8 merkins 8 squats


The Thing

1. 16 Merkins

Bear crawl to # 2

2. 16 Squats

Lunges to Middle

3. 16 Plank Jacks IC

Bear crawl to #4

4. 16 Freddie Mercuries IC

Lunges to the middle

5. 16 Apollo Oh No! IC

Bear Crawl to #6

6. 16 Hand release Merkins

Lunges to middle

7. 16 Jump Squats

Bear Crawl to #8

8. 16 Big Boys

Lunges to middle

Center of the Clover

4 Burpess

Bernie Sanders to 3,5,7,1


 T- ball – Box Cutters 8 of them

Obi wan – Heels to Heaven 8 of them 

American Hammers Rancid Style

Prayers and Announcements

Sully taken to the hospital yesterday with chest pain

Co worker of Obi and Phantom leaving for military prayers for the family 


We always relate luck to this day or to Irish holiday. But I will a definition of luck is to prosper or succeed, especially through chance, good or fortune. But today we as Him suggest we make our own fortune and we don’t rely on luck or chance, and most of all put all our trust in the one who has known the past, present and future. And I leave you with this in Romans 8:28 And we know that those who love God all things work together for good, for those are called according to his purpose.–

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