Qs: Overtime & Lucky Charms

PAX: Sweet Sweet, Mortar, Strangle Hold, Zorro, Bayside, Rooney, Escobar, Supe, Ear Tag, Chip ‘n Dale, Squeaky Clean, Echo, Yogi, Mulch, Sweetroll, FNG 1 (First Class), Gobbler, Rowdy, Belding, FNG 2 (Big Cat), Fun Dip, Levee, FNG 3 (Dig It), Chernobyl

OT was in charge today and kicked us off right at 5:15 a.m. He mentioned who we were, our missions statement, core values, and that we leave no man behind. Before staring, we noted 3 FNGs. This meant we had to adjust and call today’s activities early to account for the extra time we would need at the end. The PAX went down onto the south end zone (thanks Rooney for having it all lit up). They didn’t know what was ahead, but they saw several goals and a lot of cones. Anticipation built.



  • SSH x 10
  • Big Ones x 10
  • Sun Gods x 10 each way, with a 10-count pulse (flapping arms) in the middle

The Pre Thang

We had everyone to line up on the south goal line. PAX will bear crawl 10 yards, do a set of exercises as a group and repeat until they get to the 50. We then caught our breath before doing crawl bears 10 yards back toward the south end zone.

  • 10 yard line – 10 Burpees
  • 20 yard line – 20 Hydraulic Squats
  • 30 yard line – 30 Merkins
  • 40 yard line – 40 Squats
  • 50 yard line – 50 Cherry Pickers
  • 40 yard line – 40 Squats
  • 30 yard line – 30 SSH

There was no time to waste. We had Burpee Ball to play. Lucky Charms passed the mic to Overtime to explain the rules, split up into two teams, and get started.

The Thang – Burpee Ball

This game was designed for a Co-Q with Overtime and Lucky Charms at the Rabbit Hole. T-claps to Frosty for the game aspect of his site. It made a fun morning today.

The rules are a combination of water polo, football, ultimate frisbee and soccer (probably). A team “kicked off”. Offense could only take two steps before needing to give the ball up. Objective was to score in the small goals, although no players were allowed in the 6-yd box around the goal. A change of possession or the ball hitting the ground meant 1 burpees for all players. Goals meant 5 burpees for the defense and 5 SSH for the team that scored.

Mumble Chatter

Burpee ball started off innocent enough. The PAX were attempting to understand the game. The main takeaway: lots of drops means lots of burpees. As the game went on, there was a massive elevation of competitiveness. PAX began to start complaining about steps, catches, feet inside the no-go box, etc. It was a lot of fun. Gobbler served well as Site Q, not only helping set up prior, but also risking his body on multiple occasions. Remember his dives the next time he mentions he had to go see a chiropractor. Some quick hits: 1. OT has a cannon; 2. Fun Dip is competitive; 3. Chernobyl is fast and equally as competitive; 4. The team of light/bright colors, led by OT won. Congrats gents!

As the game ended, Chernobyl attempted a field goal. He missed so bad that YHC called for 5 more burpees from the PAX. T-claps to FNG Dig It for shagging that rough kick.


  • Big Boys x 10
  • Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
  • Sarpy Slammers x 20 IC



  • Continued prayers for Paisley and the ICB family.
  • Prayers for the Farrell family who recently their son Tanner tragically. Prayers also for Swiper and his family who knew the Farrells.


Overtime, fresh off a Burpee Ball victory, was a man of few, but powerful words. He noted the need for leaders. A boss gives orders, a leader shows the way. We need more of that in today’s world. Let’s be lift people up, be examples of leadership. Don’t be a boss, Be. A. Leader.  


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