3/15/22 – Colosseum – Green and Mental Awareness

27 Pax- Samples (Respect), Splinter, Smashmouth, Dirty Bird, Black Lung, Frosty, Robo Dog, Tender Foot, Honey Stinger, Toadstool, Khakis (Respect), Jeeves (Respect), Grease Fire, Blue Chip, Warren G, Stella, Bloodshot, Tin Cup, Spacebar, Oompa, Vandelay, Wait Time, Tater Tot, Vanilla Ice, Cosmo, Ice T, Slow Pitch

Q – Slow Pitch 

Gloom was nice, barely freezing temps, a little fog. 

The Q decided to get to the beloved grounds of Phelps Field and try out a few things that he had on his Weinke before some of the Pax showed up. There was a stopwatch and running up stadium stairs involved. There was timing of the Thang to make certain we wouldn’t be finished and sitting in a coffee house in after a 16-minute workout. Some tweaks were made and Slow Pitch started to see a few HIM gathering inside the gate on the track. It could be a great morning. As the Q ran out to his car to grab a piece of gum, he saw a Jeeves streak by and run down a pre runner coming in from their mosey. Under most circumstances a guy would be scared shitless, if at the end of your run, you were chased down in a dark parking lot. In this case, Jeeves identified himself and the pre runner was now allowed to put his guard down. After witnessing this the Q and Jeeves were able to connect and walk to the track together. 

The Q started hitting some knuckles, went around in a circle, met those he had never met before (Robo Dog) and said the mission statement, six of the five principals and let some know he wasn’t a professional, we then started to mosey.

Mosey:  Mosey around the track one time to 50 for Warmarama.

Warmarama: Circle up 

Jump Squats: 20

​SSH feet forward backward, not out/in: 20 IC 

​Jump Squats: 20

SSH feet forward backward, not out/in: 20 IC​

Pre-Thang: Mosey to home team bleachers: Count off into 1’s and 2’s. Line up with your number at one of the two center staircases, single file lines. 

1st time sprint up steps, 2nd time sprint up the steps. Repeated 5x, then the 1’s and 2’s switched staircases to even out the tread on their shoes.

The Thang: Mosey to goal line and line up facing the field.

We will do 10-20 of each exercise, then sprint/jog fast to 10-yard line, completing the same exercise from the goal line, then run backwards to goal line. The first round run to the 10, then second to the 20 and so forth until 10 exercises and 100 yards are completed. After the third round, Slow Pitch was having difficulties counting, breathing, and exercising. The Q was grateful for all the HIM willing to assist with count; Tater Tot, Khakis, Spacebar, Wait Time, Frosty, Grease Fire, Honey Stinger and Vandelay. If anyone was forgotten, please don’t be offended the Q used to smoke a ton of pot.

1- Hop on right foot – 20x, run to 10 repeat hops, Bernie to goal

2- Hop on left foot – 20x, run to 20 repeat hops, Bernie to goal

3- Forward back over line – 10IC, run to 30 repeat F/B, Bernie

4- Left to right hops over line facing West – 10IC, run to 40, repeat

5- Groiners – 20x, run to 50, repeat

6- Bob Hurley – 20x, run to 40, repeat Bob Hurley, Bernie to goal

7- Jump Tucks – 20x, run to 30, repeat Jump Tucks, Bernie to goal

8- Sumo Squats – 20IC, run to 20, repeat Sumo Squat, Bernie to goal

9- Alt Lunge – 20x, run to 10, repeat Alt Lunge, Bernie to goal

10-Monkey Humpers 20IC, run to goal repeat Humpers, Bernie


Next round:

1- Merkins 10x, run to 10 repeat Merkins, Bernie to goal

2- Diamond Merkins 10x, run to 20, repeat and Bernie

3- Merkins 10x, run to 50 repeat Merkins, Circle up for Mary

Omaha at 6:07


E2K’s: 15 each side


Frosty presented Blue Chip with the Nugent Flag (Two HIM the Q love dearly).

Book Club on Thursday.

Congratulations to Wait Time about his presentation at SXSW

Prayers for Polaroid

COT: Green for mental health.

I deal with some kind of mental health challenges. Whether it’s a form of depression, anxiety, addiction or whatever you want to classify it as, it can be there daily.  Some of you may or may not know, but last month, I celebrated 15 years of sobriety and my family, and I celebrated by going to Hawaii. Today’s workout was inspired by a volleyball team’s morning workout in the sand that I witnessed, when I was there. There are fellowships that I am a part of that will wear a specific color at events to let others know that they are there. I was at a Phish concert this summer, by myself and there is a sober group that wears yellow stickers, signifying they’re sober. When I was at that show, I knew I wasn’t alone when I saw a few people standing nearby wearing those stickers. I felt I was going to be alright and my anxiety subsided. Green is a color used for mental health awareness. None of you would know it, but when I wear green at workouts, it’s always on purpose. Some of the times I wear it because I’m not feeling the greatest, but I want to remind myself that I am surrounded by men that care about me and I’m going to be ok. I also wear it, when there are others in the group, that I know are having some difficulties and I want to remember to be a safe place for others. We all have things that we are dealing with, and I want you to know you’re not alone. Allow yourselves to share the things that are the heaviest and they will lose their power. On the flip side of it, run towards those that you know are dealing with the heavy. Allow them to share a bit of the load on you to divide weight. You never know that the little action you take, could provide a significant amount of relief. Whether it’s a phone call, a hug, a brief conversation or you wearing green, it might let someone know, it’s going to be alright.

Prayer: Khakis led us out.

Truly humbled to lead such great men for a morning! – Slow Pitch

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