DATE: 2022-03-05
AO: Dragons-Lair
Q: Ketchup
PAX: bloodshot, Unicycle, Yodel, Gator, Blades of Glory, Nelly, F3 Mr Miyagi Daniel Castillo, Ozark – Tim Ulbrich, Lincoln Log, Fine Print FNGs: Dogman
At 6:00 am prompt call to arms was issued. It rained the previous night, so things were once again dark and wet. Ketchup ran through the following subjects of great importance. – 5 Core Principles
– Mission statement and disclaimer
– Credo
Q went on to explain that today will be bruiser friendly and while some distance will be covered running is not a prerequisite for participation and everything can be modified. He also mentioned that during setup the ground was covered with earth worms coming out for a drink…so be prepared to smash some worms…which is gross. We immediately moved into warm-a-rama at the basketball court. WARMUP:
* Tappy Taps – 10 IC
* Groin Thrusters with eye contact – 10 IC
* Oh Yeahs with eye contact – 10 IC Each Arm
* Big Ones – 10 secs to each side
* Michael Phelps – 10 IC
* Groin Stretches – 10 sec pulses
* Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
* Deep Squats – 15
For the pre-thang we moseyed to a nearby aluminum picnic table. The table was dark and wet and
there was barely enough room for everyone, but we fit. PAX members accused the Q of putting them in
a dangerous situation cause the table was wet and potentially slippery. In his heart the Q knew they were just being pansies so we carried on and you know what…everyone was fine. We completed three rounds of the following: * Dips – 20
* Derkins – 20
* Box Jumps – 20

For the thing, PAX were instructed to partner off. Partner 1 stayed at the basketball court and AMRAP’d
the exercises listed at Cone 1. Partner 2 grabbed a coupon and ran around the tennis court to the hill
and completed the exercises listed at Cone 2. They then ran back to the tennis court with the coupon
and switched with Partner 1. Both partners completed each exercise before moving to the next one.
Instructions how to modify for the bruisers was given. Exercises completed are below: Tennis Court Exercises – AMRAP
* Merkins
* Bonnie Blairs
* Big Ones
* Werkins
* Sumo Squats
* Heel Touches
* Carolina Dry Docks
* Bobby Hurleys
* Heels to Heaven

Hill Exercises
* 3 Blockies at top of hill
* Drop Block – Bunny Hop up hill – 3 Burpees
* 15 Block Curls at top of hill
* Drop Block – Bernie Sanders – 3 Burpees
* 15 Block Presses at top of hill
* Drop Block – Bear Crawl – 3 Burpees
* 15 Kettle Bell Swings
* Drop Block – Lunge Walk – 3 Burpees
* 10 Block Thrusters
Q called Omaha at 6:51 after 8 of 9 rounds and we all convened at the tennis court. There was presumption amongst the group that the Q was going to call his favorite ab exercise and they started to chatter. However, the Q decided to end the morning with some stretching and modified yoga. MARY:
Free to Lead Bro so we did 6 MOYAS – 6 Minutes of Yoga And stretching. And for the few brief days we have sunlight at the end of a beatdown…it was glorious.

Prayers were spoken for Paisley, 4x4x48 crew, T-ball’s grandmother.

For the COT the Q talked about how the workout today was intended to cover all parts of the body. It wasn’t meant to be a gasser but that this morning was a good all around maintenance workout. It covered arms, core, legs and cardio but not in a way that one was more gassed than the other. He then went over to talk about how he has a sifter friend who is in the infancy of going through a divorce. Her first and his second. Evidently some horrible things happened in their relationship about two years ago right at the onset of COVID. Rather than reach out to their network for support, they holed up in their house and used COVID as an excuse to hide. Last Saturday, his friend reached out and laid out the entire story of what had been going on and to tell him that divorce was imminent. As the Q looked back at the past two years, there were maybe 10 touch points they had during that time and when he though about each of those interaction and some of the decisions he saw they had made, a lot of things fell into place in understanding what was going on. However…even with all of the new context…all of the behavior was within the character of his friend which is why it was so easy to hide and why the Q didn’t think anything beyond normal was going on. As the Q met with his friend and soon-to-be ex wife this week and listened to both of them, it became apparent that the last two years was filled with so much stuff. Stuff that was said, stuff that was done, hurt by both parts that they had gotten to a place they weren’t going to be able to come back from. Had they reached out to others for support…had they let others in…maybe there would have been a chance. Had they had more grace and forgiveness and could let things go and leave it behind…maybe there would have been a chance. But now…it is too late. The Q also realized that as he listened, there were a scary number of parallels between what drove them to the place of no return and his own relationship with his M. Q immediately went home and talked to his M about all of this and rest assured we are not in a place of no return…but it made the Q realize how fragile marriage actually is. How easy it is to get to a point where you can walk away from the biggest commitment you will make in your life. To tie it all back to the first point made, a solid relationship is about maintenance. You have to stay on top of it and you can’t ignore the small things. Sure, grand gestures are nice but it is the consistent little things that keep it alive and keep you from getting to a place you can’t come back from.

The Q then closed out the group in prayer.

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