AO:  Wild Kingdom |  March 15, 2022  |  30deg, clear skies, no wind

PAX:  Nelly, Bob Ross, Lite Brite, Bambi, Crab Cakes, Band Camp, Cutting Edge, Obi Wan, Supe, Doppler, Hard Hat, Tonight Show, Lincoln Logs ( Respect, Respect ), Vlasic ( Respect ), Barn Door, Ketchup, T-Ball, Cheap Seats, Griswold

Q:  Griswold

Showed up about 5:17am, finished listening to a song in my car, then head out to put my one light out.  Saw the pre-runners start to come in.  Healthy group, good job men.

5:30AM – Intro, Mission Statement, Core principles and warning that I’m not a professional, these exercises were merely suggestions and to modify as necessary.  No FNG’s today.

WOR:  We mosey’d to boat dock.  15 IC SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Big ones, 15 tappy taps, 10 Sun gods F&R, 15 Cherry Pickers

Pre Thang:  We split into two groups.  My guy hard hat took one group and I took the other.

Group 1 at Park Benches:  15 Dips, 15 Derkins, 15 Step ups.

Group 2 at Rest area: 15 chicken peckers, 15 donkey kicks, 15 Australian mountain climbers.

Rinse and repeat for two rounds.

Thang:  I’m nursing a foot injury so while I wanted to run mentally, physically I decided to keep the running to a minimum.  We circled up in the big circular area by where we park.  My favorite, the dark webb but we changed it up this time. 

Upper Body: 1 Werkin, 2 raise the roof.  2 werkins, 4 raise the roof and so on until we 10 and 20.

Run a lap

Lower Body: 1 squat, 2 monkey humpers IC, then 2 squats and 4 monkey humpers until we hit 10 and 20.

Run a lap

Core:  1 big boy, 2 american hammers, then 2 and 4 and so on until we hit 10 and 20.

We didn’t do any burpees today so I threw 5 in OYO at the end.

I was smoked, lets call OMAHA.

Announcements and Prayers:  APEX this week 3rd F and Patch opportunities, Updates on Paisley and Callum, Respect pop up Thursday.

CoT:  I shared a couple things today.  I don’t need a whole lot of motivation for first F type of stuff.  But I do keep little motivational screen shots that are meaningful.  Two I shared today were the first was “No one is forcing you out the door, but yet you still go.”  How true this is for the him of F3.  We’ve endured another winter and spring is coming.  T-claps to all of F3 that posted and made the most of it.  2nd was in reference to my jiu jitsu journey and how noticing progress is exceedingly difficult and frustrating at times.  One of my upper belts 3 years ago texted me after a class about how well I was picking things up and at that time my ego had gotten the best of me.  I was getting my ass kicked every day and wondered why I was even trying to learn this and he left me with a quote I still look back on frequently to this day. “The next time you think I’m too old for this shit, go look up the people you went to high school with on Facebook and realize that 60% of them look like they could be your parents. Moral of the story, you’re doing better than you think you are, it’s just hard to see because you’re a lion in a den with a bunch of other lions.  But make no mistake, you stick with Jiu Jitsu or F3 long enough, you’re a fucking lion.”  Truer words never spoke.  Don’t get discouraged.  You’re all crushing it daily.  I see it.

Lastly, just expressed my gratitude for Hard Hat on our 4x4x48 Journey.  It was the first 3rd F event I’ve been a part of and besides my kids being born, was one of the most memorable moments of the last decade for me.  Truly was great to suffer for something more than myself and to share that experience with Hard Hat.  Also, that he took the reins and came up with a truly worthy cause to suffer for in imagine inclusion and how we more than doubled our goal.  Moral of that story was for anyone in F3 to find something beyond themselves that they’re passionate about and go for it.  I guarantee men within our community will more than support what you’re doing.

Thank you for coming out and supporting me on the site Q swap for the day.  It was really great to see some faces I haven’t seen for awhile and getting back to Wild Kingdom.  Thank you Mufasa for letting me lead today.



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