Wednesday 2/16/22 @ Ironwood

Conditions: 38 degrees, calm

Q: Lite-Brite

PAX: 9 HIM – Griswold, Hard Hat, Barn Door, Speed Square, Hoser, Golden Pike, Black Lung, Ketchup, Lite-Brite

        ⁃       Al Borland’s Son
        ⁃       Injured PAX
        ⁃       Irish Car Bomb Daughter

        ⁃       Mufasa Poker tournament
        ⁃       APEX Saturday
        ⁃       APEX Patch
        ⁃       GP 1yr Anniversary Friday Saturday

Theme: Inner dialogue/ The word GOOD.

When things are going bad, there is going to be some GOOD that is going to come from it.

Didn’t get promoted?

GOOD. More time to get better.

Got injured. Snapped your Achilles? You got tapped out.


Got beat? Was the six? Were told oh that’s a good initial weight loss number that’ll be hard to match?

GOOD. We learn how to use that to dig deep, find motivation and work harder.

Unexpected problems?

GOOD. We have the opportunity to figure out a solution.

Griswold what percentage of hard times would you say you’ve survived?


That’s it. When things are going bad don’t get all bummed out, don’t get startled, don’t get frustrated.

If you can say the word GOOD, you’re lucky, it means you’re still alive. It means you’re still breathing. If you’re still breathing, you’ve got some fight left in you.

Guys you just completed the February 2022 APEX. Are you still breathing?

GOOD. What else are you going to take on today?

We all have things going on that are hard to deal with. How are those hardships making you better in other areas of your life?

Saturday 2/19/22 @ Aldrich Elementary

PAX: Truly, Lite Brite, Hard Hat, Griswold

Showed up at 5:30 for setup and prerun with Truly and Hard Hat.  Nice mumble chatter with the boys while we checked the course out.

Announcements & Prayers: Al Borland and Family, ICB and Family, APEX 3rd F opportunity, Polar Plunge, 4x4x48 challenge

CoT:  I kept it light today and weaved in similarities between F3 PAX members and Zombie Apocalypse survivors.  Characteristics like good cardio, Good leaders/Strategists, not squeamish LOL.  But also something like enjoying the little things, Like Tennessee does in Zombieland.  The whole movie he is desperately seeking a twinkie.  They even run into an abandoned hostess truck and it’s full of ding dongs.  After his initial reaction of being upset, he does what Great PAX members of F3 do, they move forward. 

Was really great to have Truly be apart of this since it’s his first APEX and he crushed it.  Couple PR’s from the guys but overall we just had an awesome time working hard together and cheering each other on.

Thank you for supporting me, for supporting Hard Hat and the APEX.

I led us out in prayer.



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