The Sanitarium AO | Tuesday, March 15 2022| Papillion LaVista High School | 5:30 AM | 31 degrees

PAX: Duracell, Swiper, Double Dip, Lasso, Baby Shark, Farva, Shingles, Legolas, Patton, Sweet Roll, Rooney, Safe Ride, Flowers, BetaMax, Levee

QIC: Q-Tip

It was a beautiful, invigorating morning in Sarpy County!  Promptly at 5:30 AM, I welcomed the PAX, recited the Mission, Core Principals and Credo. 


PAX moseyed around the track and circled up at mid-field of the Artificial turf field for WOR.

SSH x 15 IC | Cherry Pickers x 15 IC | Tappy Taps x 15 IC | Imperial Walkers x 20IC |Mountain Climbers x 15 IC


We moseyed to the goal line, and the PAX paired up for a teamwork exercise—Wheelbarrows.  Each team wheelbarrowed to the 15 yard line, did 15 LBCs, and returned to the goal line in the same manner and completed 15 more LBCs.  The partners then switched positions and we repeated the exercise.    With our cores sufficiently warmed up, we proceeded to the Thang. 

THANG:   4 Man Grinder

PAX rmoved to the west boundry and I explained the format.  Each 2-man team would remain together for the Thankg, and also team u with another 2-man team for the grinder, so that everyone had a partner for mumblechatter. 

One team would run across the field and up the steps to perform 3 burpees, while the other 2-man team would perform a list of exercises AMRAP.  The exercises were as follows:

  1.  Frozen Freddies
  2. Alt Lunges
  3. Diamond Merkins
  4. Chillcut Planks—30 second intervals
  5. Air Squats
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Flutter Kicks
  8. Sumo Squats
  9. Carolina Dry Docks
  10. Side Straddle Hope

Most of the PAX completed at least 6 of the exercises before we called Omaha.  Our man, Patton, performed a Bruiser workout with the PAX and his presence continues to be an inspiration. 

Omaha was called at 6:05 AM


Low Dollies x 15 IC | Box Cutters x 15 IC | Sarpy Slammers Rancid Style x 11 IC


Apex testing is this week.  All PAX are encouraged to give it a try.

An Irish band with a couple F3 members is playing on St. Patricks Day.  See Slack for more information on this and other news items.


There were many prayer requests today, including for Paisley, ICB’s daughter, and a speedy recovery from her surgery, for Patton’s friend, Christian, and for the family of Tanner Farrell, the Ralston High student who was killed this weekend. We offer prayers for these requests, and for the ones I couldn’t recall, and also for those unspoken requests.


I suggested to the PAX that the most important ‘teammate’ in their life is their M, and I told a story of my personal experience.

2002 was the most difficult year of my life, but also the best year of my marriage.  During that year, I was laid off from my job, and struggled to find a new, meaningful position.  As a result, we faced lots of financial pressures.  Both my children were in their teens, and each of them faced extreme emotional events during that year.  The entire year was full of disappointment and despair.

Finally, in late December, I received a job offer from First National Bank of Omaha, and it seemed like a huge weight had been lifted.  I remember clearly my wife and I hugging and crying when I got that news.  I also realized in that moment, how my wife had been the Rock of our family for those 12 months.  She was the one who kept our family together.  She arranged for counseling for our children, and was responsible for helping them recover.  She always supported me in a positive way—not once did she make me feel badly about not having a regular paycheck.

I also realized that I needed to step up my game—become a better husband.  My wife is a Rock star, and I needed to treat her that way.  I made a decision immediately to start being more supportive and helpful, to try and be the man my wife thought she married, and to be the husband she deserved.  I can say that the past 20 years of marriage have been much happier than prior to that year. 

My final message to the PAX was to examine their own relationships.  Your M is your most important teammate, and they should start to look at the ways you can treat them that way. 

Swiper finished with a prayer.


***Site Q Note – We had a 13 year old Pax member and a 67 year old Pax member, a span of 54 years between the youngest and oldest Pax Members. Quite incredible.

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