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Ides of March

15 March 2022

Hillsborough Park

29 Degrees

25 Real feel

N 4mph Wind

93% Humidity

PAX: (12) Pantyhose, LPC, Mulligan (Respect), Cradle, Slapshot, Pigpen, Truly, Ozark (respect), Blades of Glory, Slow Clap (respect), House Party, and Gator.

Prerunners: Chucky! (Got to see him briefly, but he had to skedaddle), Pantyhose, Blades of Glory, Truly, and House Party

Intro: We hit the usual introductory points and then went right into the trivia: The Ides of March. A day known for bad things happening…

1st Trivia Q:

On March 15, 44 BC, this Roman leader was assassinated.

Answer: DING! Ozark:

Who is Julius Caesar?

Correct! Bobby Hurleys x 7 Who says the Ides of March is cursed?

Mosey to basketball court at the school


SSH x20

Cherry pickers x15

Tappy taps x 15

Big ones 30 seconds each side



Updog (What’s up dog?)


2nd Trivia Q

Q: March 15, 2003, the world health organization issued a global health alert about this mysterious disease.

A: DING! Truly:


Correct! Bobby Hurleys x 7

Mosey to wall by the school

Pre Thang: INVERTED Wall Pyramid

20 BTTW; 15 Donkey Kicks; 10 Chicken Peckers; 5 Australia Mountain Climbers. The Q intended to go back up, but with all the blood rushing to my head, we just did it again!

Ten count

Mosey to the hill

3rd Trivia Q

March 15, 1988, this football team’s move to a different city was approved by the NFL.

DING! DING! Ozark for the daily double:

A: Who are the Cardinals (St. Louis to Phoenix; renamed “Arizona Cardinals in 1994)?

Correct! No burpees! BHx7

Tha Thang

Partner up

Two man grinder

PAX 1 Bernie Sanders up

20 monkey humpers IC

Run down and relieve PAX 2

Performing the following AMRAP exercises:

⁃ Merkins

⁃ Big Boys

⁃ Air Squats


⁃ Imperial Walkers

⁃ Drydocks

⁃ Flutterkicks

⁃ Bonnie Blairs (we made it here… about 160 monkey humpers later! I know Slap Shot, my partner was crushing it and feeling the burn! Blades called these “Infinity Humpers” – well done guys!

⁃ Bobby Hurleys

⁃ Johnny Dramas

⁃ Little Baby Dips

⁃ American Hammers

⁃ Lunges

⁃ Burpees

⁃ Mahktar N’djayes

⁃ LBCs

⁃ Sumo Squats

⁃ Mountain Climbers

OMAHA! Was called promptly as Truly called out our 160th MH

4th Trivia Q:

March 15, 1917, Nicholas II abdicated the throne of this country, ending a 304 year old dynasty.

DING! Pigpen:

A: What is Russia?

CORRECT! BHx7! 100%!


Beast Mode x30

Alternating knee taps x20

Plank x30

Gator Spears x20

Chilcut x30

Gator Tails x20

Count off: 12 (Thanks to Pantyhose for the reminder)

Nameorama: Foggy. Really been enjoying the full commit on Slapshot’s NOR!


⁃ March 26 Heartland Hope 3rd F opportunity; sign up on Slack or reach out to Wentworth

⁃ Apex on Wednesday at Halleck Park and Saturday at Cottonwood Elementary

⁃ Thursday is respect pop up at Paradise; 50+ or EH a 50+

Prayer requests

⁃ Cheap Seats’ Mother, Alice, is having surgery today

⁃ House party’s friend’s wife is also in surgery today

COT: Beware the Ides of March

⁃ The ides of March is supposed to be a bad day. The thought is that the day is cursed in some way.

⁃ Similarly, many of us will go into a situation expecting the worst or as soon as something bad happens, we let it ruin the day.

⁃ Whether it’s something at work we’ve been dreading, or maybe a visit with some relatives, just getting dragged to Bed Bath and Beyond on a Saturday with your M, we often create an expectation that we are going into a bad situation.

⁃ And that can sometimes cause a self fulfilling prophecy: you expected a bad day, so your attitude or perception drove you to have one. (This reminded me of one of my favorite COTs delivered by Pantyhose last year at Combine:

⁃ I recently went skiing for the first time with my family. It took us 4 hours from the time we got to the mountain to when we actually started skiing. The long lines and stress of trying something new were too much for my son. He couldn’t make it through the day and we took him home early. While my daughter had a different outlook and, although she struggled at times, she had a great day.

⁃ For my son, the longer the wait, the more it seemed to him like skiing would never happen. He just gave up. And by the time it did, he was so drained that he didn’t have the patience to learn how to ski.

⁃ The next day my son shared with us “I know I had a bad day yesterday. And I’m responsible for that. … I didn’t do my best and I’m sorry.”

⁃ All I could do was say I love you and that I’m glad you take after your Mother. I think he learned about how we can choose to have a bad day and that’s what we’ll get.

⁃ When went back to ski again, you could tell right away he was choosing to be positive and have a good attitude. He was also very encouraging to all of us when we learning how to ski.

⁃ So, even though the day may sometimes seem like a day is destined to be a bad one, I would encourage you to do your best to make it a good one for you and those around you.

Pantyhose led us out in prayer.

With Gratitude,


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