PAX (25): Big Unit, Sasquash, Vlasic, Band Camp, Obi Wan, Tea Party, Ketchup, Hard Hat, Thor, Barn Door, Nelly, Lite Bright, Ozark, Mr. Miyagi, Mulch, Escobar, Lincoln Log, Yogi, Slick, Rowdy, Cutting Edge, Yodel, Slow Clap, Mufasa

Q: Fine Print

YHC arrived around 4:45 to get set up and stock the bar. At this time, I learned my plan for the prethang would not work and an audible would be necessary. The lads began to arrive and some ruckers and a few prerunners took off from the flags at 5:00. 

At 5:30, the the mission statement and 5 core principleswere recited. Today’s beatdown would focus on the 4thF…Fun. 

YHC read the fine print disclaimer and informed the PAX that today was a day for celebration. Paisley’s surgery went well. It was Friday. Tee Ball was leading a group at Golden Spike where they would be celebrating the end of winter.  

Warm-O-Rama: We moseyed westward towards the entrance to the baseball stadium where we did some SSHs, tappy taps and big ones.

PreThang: YHC had to call an audible on the PT. Instead, the PAX headed up to the picnic table at the top of the hill to the west of the baseball stadium. YHC played some Irish music and asked Sasquash (T-Claps Sasquash) to lead the men through some picnic table exercises while YHC put lights under the cones. T-Claps to Ketchup for bringing the lights.

The Thang:

We split into 4 groups. 

• Group 1 (push group): remained at the picnic table pavillion and did 15 reps of dips, derkins and step ups before running the path to push group 2

• Groups 2, 3 and 4 were spread out about 100 yards along the path and performed 15 reps of the following exercises

o Carolina Drydocks

o Alternating Shoulder Taps

o Rosalitas

o Burpees

o Overhead Claps

o Merkins

o Big Boy Situps

o Squats (30 reps)

We made it through 1.25 times and last call aka “Omaha”was called at 6:05AM. We Moseyed back to the Shovel-Flags


• YHC asked Ketchup to do 6 inches

• Irish Hammers Rancid Style (these are just American Hammers)

Prayers and Announcements

• For Betty

• For ICB, Paisley and family

• For Michelle

• Announcement: Apex Fitness Test – Get your patches

Nugent Flag Pass

Band Camp to Mufasa: 

“Good people find good people.”

 -Band Camp


I originally asked Gator to Q today because I thought it was my 1-year F3 anniversary. However, on Wednesday Knobbs posted the March anniversaries and mine was listed as March 25. Considering the Gregorian Calendar is just a social construct, I feared we may never know when my anniversary date was. However, I was able to corroborate by checking my FitBit history. Sure enough, March 25, 2021 included a workout that began promptly at 5:30 and featured near death heart rate levels. A quick Twitter search would also produce my V-Name-o-Rama video. Long story short, today I am celebrating Day 351 of F3 for FP – a momentous day. I am grateful to have found this group and so many good men.


I read on Slack that today, March 11, was also Paisley’s original surgery date and so I wanted to do an Irish Car Bombed themed workout so the PAX could generate and send positive energy ICB’s way. T-Claps to our esteemed and learned Site Q for approving the plan. However, I then discovered that Paisley’s doctors had moved the surgery up a few days. I had already purchased the Whiskey, Bailey’s and Guinness and Costco does not accept alcohol returns so we were invested and this was happening. 


These timing snafus got me thinking about a few quotes about Time that I wanted to share.


The first is by a great man you may have heard of named,Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

I love that. Especially in a world that seems like it is on fire and at times feels so divisive. 


The second quote is by another great man who inventedelectricity named, Benjamin Franklin.

“Never leave for tomorrow that which you can do today.”


So that brings me to the theme of today’s workout. I don’t know ICB. Never posted with him. But I am a fan of Irish Car Bombs. Like ICB, and many of you, I also have a daughter. My daughter is 4 and her name is also Paisley so I was especially moved when I heard about IBC’s Paisley’s open heart surgery. Originally her surgery was supposed to be today. So I planned this tribute workout for our brother ICB. I thought it would be a cool way to show our solidarity and support during this undoubtedly scary and stressful time.  


Please reach out to ICB and make sure he is doing okay. See how you can help. Maybe it is dropping off a meal. Mufasa, he could probably use some of your M’s brownies. I also have his venmo and gofundme information that I will be sharing with this group. Let’s show him what West Omaha can do. I’d encourage you to contribute financially if you are able. 



Meal Train:


And this brings me to another important point about time. Make the most of every minute. We never know when we may have to say goodbye to a friend or family member. Make the minutes you have with them count. Tell them you love them. The time is always right to do what is right. Never leave for tomorrow that which you can do today. 


YHC led us out in prayer


After we prayed it out, YHC informed the group that anyone who wanted to was invited to the picnic table pavilion for Irish Car Bombs. To my pleasant surprise, roughly half the PAX moseyed over and we began an Irish Car Bomb assembly line Henry Ford could be proud of. We enjoyed a round of Irish Car Bombs and toasted to our brother ICB and his daughter Paisley. SLAINTE!

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