DATE: 2022-03-14
AO: Octagon
Q: Golden Pike (GP)
PAX: Sawblade, Ice T, Rollbar, Khakis, Wentworth, Honey Stinger, Beta Max, Band Camp
The gloom today was a bit brisk but warm enough to feel good about. YHC rolled into the parking lot about 10 minutes early to setup. Rollbar was the only prerunner.

All at once it seemed, the smurphers rolled in and we started to get more PAX.

YHC took the PAX to the back of the Octagon building and we did: – 20 SSH
– 16 Big Ones
– 19 Windmills
– 20 Freddy Mercuries

We then ran back up to the north side of the building where the stairs were.

The pre-thang was a two-man grinder. Pax paired off. It was about this time that Band Camp caught up to us. One PAX did monkey humpers AMRAP while his partner went down the stairs, did 14 merkins and then bear crawled up the hill. We did this about three times total.

The Circles of Hell

YHC constructed a circle with cones in the inner part of the field. We moseyed to that circle. There was also an outer circle which was just four different cones places at points around the field perimeter.

The inside of the small circle was the Makthar D’Enjay / Plank circle. 30 count or 30 reps.

The perimeter of the small circle was bear crawls 3x around the circle.

The outer circle was a mosey clockwise between stations. Each station was 14 of whatever arms, legs or core workout you prefer.

YHC broke the PAX into two teams and one team started in the inner circle while the other started on the outer. The inner circle would move to the outer perimeter of the small circle and then the outer circle and so on. Rinse and repeat.


Started with Guantanamo Bay.
Got Wentworth to lead us in 20 low dollies.
Then Sawblade lead us in 10 Big Boys.
Then Band Camp lead us in 10 flutter kicks.
Ended in Rancid-style hammers.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & PRS: I forgot all of them except that Paisley and Callum both had surgery and could continue to use prayers in recovery.

I didn’t have a COT planned so a lot of this is off the cuff and from memory. I talked about how lately I’ve been stressing out about authority figures in my life. I have some people I’m not meshing well with. I also don’t like being told what to do. I have to recognize that sometimes I need to take criticism and try not to take anything personally.

I often need to be reminded of the circle that matters most – my concentrica and realize that while I don’t mind being told what to do during a beatdown, I’m still gonna have people telling me what to do outside of a beatdown. Spouse, bosses, pastors, etc. all have the ability to direct and guide us in ways we might not always like. The challenge is to balance that ability to take in their criticism and not take everything personally. Take the wisdom and discern what’s real negativity without making it all about your failures. That’s just your pain amplifying the wrong signals. We don’t need more pain in the circles we occupy. Let’s try to be positive filters among our concentrica.

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