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PAX: Knobs, Baby Shoes(hate,hate!), Mufasa, Hoser, Ketchup, T-ball, Obi-wan, Rowdy, Slick, Barn Door, Escobar, Sister Act, Tonight Show, Nellie, Othello, Band Camp, Over Time, Rancid, Yogi, Lincoln Logs, Fine Print, and (YHC) U-Haul

-YHC can’t speak enough to the incredible growth that is happening at AO’s like Mainstage in F3 Omaha. It doesn’t take long to see they are all respectable and hard working men that take care of each other. We need more men like these HIM around the world.

[0530] The Opener (2min) Good Morning! Present the 3 F’s of F3, state the mission statement of F3, the 5 core principles, and the disclaimer. No FNG’s. The Credo. Take care of each other. Pick up the Six and Let’s move!

[0532]Mosey (25min) String of Pearls Warm-a-rama that leads into Pre-Thang

-Warm-a-rama- Mosey to the North Western Parking lots


12-Tappy Taps(IC)

12-Big Ones(IC)

-Warm-a-rama- cont’d

20-Sun Gods(IC)

12-Sit Thrus(IC)

12-Crab Cakes(IC)


Mosey to the wall behind the school

15-Chicken Peckers(IC)

1:00 min Wall Sit

15-Donkey Kicks(U)

Mosey to South Parking Lot corner




Mosey Ninja like behind the Apt Complexes to Middle school Parking lot



20-Bobby Hurleys(D)

[0550] Mosey to the Western Football field for a Push Exercise

  • Station 1. (sets of 15):

– (D) Werkins,

– (D) Ranger Merkins, 

– (D) Chuck Norris Merkins,

– (D) Diamond Merkins,

– (IC) Tempo Merkins.

— (D) Merkins

Bernie Sanders to Station 2

  • Station 2. (sets of 20):

– (D) Jump Squats

– (IC) Monkey Humpers

– (D) Lunges (10 each Leg)

– (D) Bobby Hurley’s

– (IC) High Knees

– (D) Squats

Sprint to the Station 3

  • Station 3. (sets of 20):

– (D) Carolina Dry Docks,

– (IC) Sun Gods

(reverse@ rep 10)

– (IC) Alt. Shoulder taps

– (U) Air Presses

– (IC) Crab Cakes

– (IC) Plank Jacks

Bernie Sanders to Station 4

  • Station 4. (sets of 15 reps):

– (IC) Heals to Heaven

– (IC) Big Boys

– (IC) Flutter Kicks

– (IC) Freddy Mercury’s

– (IC) Rosalitas

– (IC) Gas Pumpers

Sprint to (Station 5 @ center field)

  • Station 5:          

10 Burpees

Sprint to PUSH

[0605] Omaha called and Mosey back up to shovel flags


In and out of my daily thoughts and activity, I find that a portion of my thoughts dwell somewhere else. I want to share something with you that I had never heard until yesterday. It is a message of hope. I’ve had the privilege of moving around a lot in my life and seeing a lot in my life in different places like some of you. I know that this place, this high school is a very familiar home for some of you.

One thing I’ve come to experience in traveling is that there are so many different people out there and but that they are so alike us in many ways. There are good people out in the world with good intentions trying to survive and do the best they can with the hand they have. Those who are suddenly without. Without home, striped of knowing where their loved ones are or what the immediate future will bring. They are without. Something we all work so hard to maintain.

I found something last night from a Ukranian poet named Lesya Ukrainka from 1890. An exurb from a poem entitled Against all Hope, I Hope

Away, dark thoughts, you autumn clouds!

A golden spring is here!

Shall it be thus in sorrow and in lamentation

That my youthful years pass away?

No, through all my tears I still shall laugh,

Sing songs despite my troubles;

Have hope despite all odds,

I want to live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts!

Throughout a lasting night of darkness

Ne’er shall I rest my own eyes,

Always searching for the guiding star,

The bright empress of the dark night skies.

Yes, I will laugh despite my tears,

I’ll sing out songs amidst my misfortunes;

I’ll have hope despite all odds,

I will live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts!

Lesya Ukrainka

As we move throughout our day today I wanted to offer up some time for all those suffering in the Ukraine and thoughts of continued strength to those that are facing more urgently lively problems then daily ones. That still have hope.

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